4 Horse Riding Games You Must Try

There’s no shortage of online horse riding games to entertain most riding enthusiasts out there. With gaming technologies advancing at a quick pace, you can enjoy a riding experience for free in front of your PC. Whether you’re looking for an immersive experience in the virtual online world of horse riding, or you want to download a video game to play on your Xbox, Wii or Playstation, you have your pick of the litter.

The best part about horse riding games is the wide variety. You don’t necessarily have to be a seasoned user with hundreds of hours of playing on games.com to have fun rideing horses and jumping over obstacles. Some of our hand-picked horse riding games are great both for girls and boys who are curious about caring for horses. Others are more suitable for the girl who likes playing dress up with her princess Barbie doll. Lets jump straight into our short reviews.

1. Club Pony Pals


Suitable for kids, Club Pony Pals is an educational browser game that will teach children how to take care of a pony. The tasks are super simple, yet engaging, easily keeping the players entertained. The first step in Club Pony Pals is choosing and naming your pony. We suggest Dora for a girl and Charlie for a boy.

Next up, groom, feed or take your pony for a ride. Discover the vending machine that allows you to feed the pony as well as the notice board next to it with the quests you can complete. The adventures will require you to ride in the town and in the barn, allowing you to make friends on the way.

At the same time, you’re free to jump over obstacles and enter the orchard that is packed with games waiting for you to play them. You’ll also find a few games to play in the barn. To keep you motivated, Club Pony Pals will keep tabs on your scores so you can compare them to your friend’s points.

With simple graphics, easy tasks and encouraging kids to make friends on the forums or in the dedicated areas, this is one of the best online horse riding games for children.

2. Ride: Equestrian Simulation


Ever toyed with the idea of becoming a jockey? Ride: Equestrian Simulation will make your dreams come true. This realistic simulator allows players to choose from three disciplines: Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country. One of the coolest 3D horse riding games, Ride allows you to test your training skills and then ride your horse to prove you’re the best.

Once you’re in the saddle, you’re in complete control. The aim of Ride: Equestrian Simulation is for you to prepare for and take part in competitions. The very first step is creating a profile and selecting the discipline. A trainer will be in charge with showing you all the needed skills for competing.

Once you finish the training for a discipline, take your time to choose a horse because you can’t go back and change it afterward. Then, it’s up to you to decide what equipment, training and rest days your horse gets. Prepare for the bi-monthly racing competitions that give you the chance to show off your skills and win trophies.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation looks appealing and is bound to keep you entertained for weeks.

3. Star Stable


One of the most entertaining horse riding games, Star Stable allows users to ride horses anywhere, exploring a huge 3D world. If you’re ready for an online adventure, choose your character and horse and go for a ride in Jorik. The gorgeous animations are paired with attractive tasks that are easy to carry out. You can interact with other characters and animals as well as carry out small chores like feeding your horse.

Specially designed as an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game), Star Stable enables you to meet, play and chat with thousands of other players around the world. The W, A, S, D controls make the game really intuitive.

The world of Star Stable uses Jorvik Shillings. You can use these by fulfilling assignments and tasks as well as by winning trail races. Users can spend the money on various items for the horses or for themselves. Star Coins are the second currency of the game that can be acquired with real money and can be used to purchase unique abilities that only Star Riders can access.

A distinct feature of Star Stable is that users can team up and complete quests together. Forming groups and making friends adds a lot to the game experience, transforming Star Stable into a real lesson about fair play and helping one another.

4. Planet Horse


Whether you want to ride horses, go show jumping or run cross country, Planet Horse has got you covered. Probably one of the best horse riding games out there at the moment, PH enables users to choose the look of their horse, enter events and win races.

The intuitive controls together with the beautiful 3D graphics ensure hours of entertainment. The first step in Planet Horse is choosing the horse and your name. Only then you can ride through the countryside and collect items that will transform in coins. The rides are meant to increase the Stamina of your horse, so the two of you can ace the competitions.

The more you play, the more rides and races are unlocked for you. Each of these comes with new collectible items and coins that will help you be the first one in races. Don’t neglect your horse between competitions. You can go into the stables to brush and take care of them.

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