5 Horse Toy Types to Consider for Your Loved One


We often find ourselves at a loss when shopping for the perfect gift for our kids. Be it the wide variety of options or budget constraints, most of us wind up last-minute shopping. Yet there is a delicate and thoughtful idem many of us overlook: a beautiful horse toy. After all, children are fascinated with galloping horses, their mesmerizing, shiny mane and their sweet, gentle nature. So we’ve comprised an extensive list of possible horse toy gifts to please even the pickiest boys and girls.

Wooden Horse Toys and Rocking Horse Toys

The something about a wooden horse toy is beyond words: whether vintage pieces, collectibles or a simple rocking horse toy, each piece carries with it the untold story of its carving. There’s a story behind each individual piece, especially in the case of antiques or collectables.

Rocking Wooden Horse Toys

When working your way up the list, toddlers may be the trickiest of gift recipients. There are, however, countless options, especially when rocking horse toys are concerned. A simple design, carefully crafted so that your boy or girl can safely play with his horse and enjoy the ride to the fullest isn’t hard to come by.


These models, for instance, not only ensure that the riding experience can’t result in injury but also offer your toddler countless hours of blissful play time. Consider rocking horses equipped with backrests when searching for particularly safe options.


For the more experienced of riders, slight design changes allow for a more realistic riding experience. You can opt for a higher saddle and a slightly deeper rocker or go for two-passenger models such as the green-and gold model.


This antique rocking horse toy, for instance, was carved during the early 1900’s in Germany. Its composition includes stick legs and the traditional rocking base that all the toys of its era were found on. And while adults may easily understand the value of such a collectible, horse toys for kids need to address the simple pleasure of actually playing with the piece.

Miniature Horse Toys

When seeking horse toys for girls, a rocking horse might not be your best bet (after all, boys are often more adventurous while girls prefer to collect and play with delicate, miniature figurines. So picking out a wooden miniature piece and completing the collection every time you visit may become quite a personal tradition for you and a significant little someone. Wooden horse toys come in all shapes and sizes, and while you can find a wide variety in shops and online, you can even consider carving your own sweet, butterscotch colored horse to give.


Plastic miniature horse figurines, on the other hand, are so sweet and come in so many designs that you’re bound to come home to your children with pocketfulls of the tiny toys. They come with the cutest beady eyes and the sweetest of expressions and can surely bring a smile to your son or daughter on a rainy day.


How could you say no to this utterly sweet horse?Or the many other absolutely scrumptious models to follow?


Yet among miniature figurines, glass horse toys are by far the most delicate. Intricate coloring and smooth lines make such a horse toy an exquisite acquisition


Branded Horse Toys


Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy has touched millions of children worldwide and their toy story horse, Bullseye, has become a dear friend to many of them. He’s Woody’s horse, although his affectionate, peculiar behavior may remind you of a puppy. Woody meets Bullseye during Toy Story 2 when arriving at Al’s Penthouse. This trusted toy steed is one of the movie’s few non-speaking character, despite the fact that Martin Short had been cast to be his speaking voice.

coloring-book-4513833He’s able to ride as fast as the wind and leap across canyons with Woody in the saddle, so of course, he’d represent an ideal gift for your loved one. And the options are countless: whether coloring books, Lego sets or group games such as “Pin the tail on Bullseye”, you’re sure to find something original and fun.

Besides, could anything be sweeter than your kids in a Toy Story Bullseye horse costume?


Toy Story Horse Party

If you’re on the fence on what sort of gift you want to give your kid for his or her birthday, how about a horse-themed party with Toy Story Horse toys? You could easily organize a cops and robbers situation (or a Woody horse race) with these sweet Bullseye horse stick figurines:


Apart from the sweets and sandwiches a party surely requires, there’s one thing that can’t be overlooked: a Bullseye horse piñata. Horse toys and candy all around: what could be more sublime?


Toy Story Figurines and Plush Toys

There is always the possibility of choosing Bullseye action figures, the 16-inch-tall Bullseye stuffed plush figure (complete with soft, floppy doll legs and vinyl saddle) or the Toy Story 6-inch figure complete with wings and lasso. Be sure to check online for toy horse videos if you want to see reviews of certain action figures, they can be of tremendous help.


Horse Toy Sets and Horse Stables

Going for a toy horse set may also be an option especially when your child is particularly passionate about the horses in his or her collections. There are countless sets to be had, depending on preference and theme: whether leisure sets, show jumping, pony riding, vaulting or dressage riding sets, you can easily find a unique gift.

Such sets may come equipped with horse stables and barns, but when not, these can be bought separately.

Wooden Stables

Each horse needs a barn and toy manufacturers have some beautiful stable sets available. These sturdy constructions not only come in beautiful colors but are some of the best options for imaginative play. Varying numbers of barns and stalls (including functional gates, windows and doors) allow for such horse stable toy sets to accommodate your child’s toy horses and provide the perfect opportunity for social interactions as more children play together, compare collections or plan races.


Plastic Horse Stable Sets


The Stablemates Red Stable Set is perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift as it comes equipped with 2 horses as well as a beautiful red-exterior, white trim barn, 3 stalls, barrels, water through and track area. This durable set made of long-lasting plastic won a Parent’s Choice Award in 2000.


Other realistic playsets include detailed horses, accessories, feeding through, hay bales, folding stables and working stall doors so that your horse-loving child can easily open his or her horse ranch.

Barbie Horse Stable Sets

Barbie dolls don’t just ride in their luxurious cars and play with Ken. Little horse lovers have the option of constructing their own lavish of horse stables where Barbie’s friends can be invited to groom and train their four-legged companions.


Barbie’s Build ‘n Play Horse Stable, for instance, includes beautiful grooming areas, a sparkling rooftop, functional window shutters and a breathtaking scenery with pretty flowers scattered all around the base. Your child can start constructing the multi-section stable and play with Horse Care Barbie, her honey-colored horse (equipped with a saddle), her pony and dog.


Western Fun Barbie allows your girl to focus on grooming her prized horse toy for the fiercest of competitions. The set includes beautiful ribbons, ornaments, colorful saddle blankets, matching outfits and horse shoes.


The Barbie Walking Tawny set, on the other hand, is another gift worth considering. The 12” tall doll and 9” tall horse are absolutely perfect together (not to mention the fact that Tawny walks on her own when pressing the button behind the saddle.

Horse Books, Bags, Apparel and Other Toys

You surely didn’t expect there to be horse-themed board games, now did you? In this fun family game, participants take turns to see which of their animals move around the track. The aim of the game is to become the first player whose animal struts, flutters or gallops his way around the track.

Horse Puzzleshorse-charm-bracelets-9686536

For a quiet family evening, a puzzle seems like the best choice, especially since there are so many beautiful pictures to reconstruct. Whether horses sleeping on the farm or beautiful pictures of mother and baby horses, you’ll surely find your fair share of options.

Horse Jewelry

Some of our daughters may also be very fashion forward, so why not consider blending their love for horses with their desire to be chic? A horse charm bracelet or a sweet necklace with a horse pendant may save the day.

Horse Slippers

While horse-themed clothing may not be a toy per say, your child will surely love these adorable plush horse slippers, not to mention this matching Horse Dreams backpack and lunch box.

slippers-1024x341-1597061And after lavishing your little one with the sweetest horse toys you can find, remember, there’s one thing that absolutely trumps it all: petting a real-life horse (and possibly horseback riding). So, as a special treat, take your son or daughter to a friendly petting zoo or equestrian center so he or she may actually see these beautiful animals up close.

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