A Compilation of the Best Horse Videos of All Time

As majestic as horses can be they are equally amusing and awkward, especially when they pull off some strange stunt. Good thing there was someone there to catch it on tape. Have you ever looked at a horse, or a picture of a horse and found yourself at a loss for words? Imagine watching a video that features one of the most beautiful horses in the world… falling on its rear.


Do you own a horse of your own? If you do you are probably also frantically searching for horse videos with grooming and training tips from professional breeders. You may have even watched some of the best horse competition videos while you were at it. But did you see the best? YouTube is teeming with videos that range from funny to downright strange, the problem is that it is difficult to separate the good ones from the bad. We have spent countless of hours browsing online and discovered some of the best horse racing videos, horse training videos and horse fail videos. Behold, the horse in all its splendor.

Cute & Funny Horse Videos

More and more fail horse videos have been popping up on YouTube in the last few years. Some of them present situations where horses are simply being awkward, others are a combination between human stupidity and the reactions of rather confused horses. While it’s hilarious to see riders fall off their high-horse from time to time (pun-intended) we don’t recommend you to do it at home.

1. Top 10 Funny Horse Videos Compilation

Our first pick for funny horse videos was mihaifrancu’s compilation of clips which showcases horses opening their own barn doors, scratching themselves with the weirdest objects and even snoring. The funny compilation shows us how much personality horses can have, with the added bonus of a few laughs.

Number of Views: 8.758.343

2. Funny and Cute Horses Playing with Balls

What could be better than horses playing with balls? Probably only foals playing with balls. Good thing this video has plenty of both. Enjoy 4:23 videos of pure fun and sweetness with these playful horses.

Number of Views: 18.357

3. Funniest Horse Videos 2014

If you ever wanted to see a horse doing house work or whistling (like, actually using a whistle), now is your chance! The compilation published by FunnyPetMedia captures horses in extremely amusing situations and focuses on their interaction with other animals and humans.

Number of Views: 3.042.416

4. Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe

One thing struck us about this video. We watched it one time and utterly enjoyed it. Then we scrolled to the comments. One commentator said that only a happy horse who loves doing this could be so good. We watched the video again and were shocked by the level of trust and the amazing bond between trainer and horse. This is a funny and awe-inspiring video, too bad it only has 240px quality.

Number of Views: 5 203 744


If you want to overdose on cuteness we have the perfect video for you. Billschannel uploaded an adorable video of SAILOR, a two-week old American Quarter Horse colt that who’s enjoying every second of his time out in the field.

Number of Views: 1 202 470

BONUS: The Incredible Bond Between Human & Horse

Horses can become the best companions. Rumble Viral shared a YouTube video of a woman and her two horses chilling out on the track. Can you see how at ease she is with her 1200 pound stallion? Incredible.

Number of Views: 1 674 320

Horse Training Videos

It might not be the best video ever, but it is definitely an inspiring one which shows us how far a strong bond and constant training can take you. The clip is about a girl, her chestnut Arabian horse and the four years they spend together.

Number of Views: 36 820

7. Action Horses

Words cannot describe how beautiful these stallions are and how inspiring the bond between them and the trainer is. This clip also showcases many dressage moves and tricks.

Number of Views: 2.018.259

8. Fundamentals of Horse Training

Missy Wryn posts some of the best horse training videos on YouTube. Her gentle nature and unique understanding of horses can is reflected in her horses’ performance. One of the videos that we enjoyed was “Five Fundamentals of Horse Training Part 1 of 2”. It may be more than an hour long but it covers essential dressage tricks.

Number of Views: 185.994

9. Training Horse not to Walk Off When Mounting

Clinton Anderson shares essential tips about correct horse mounting. He also teaches us how to train a horse to not walk off while mounting. The four minute video represents an invaluable resource for beginners.

Number of Views: 269.993

10. Horse Training – Ground Manners

Our last clip in the list of training videos of horses is Annabelle Cabella’s ground manners tutorial. She talks about a few things that riders should be aware of while handling their horses.

Number of Views: 150.483

Horse Jumping Videos

Let’s kick off the horse jumping videos list with an excellent clip from the FEI World Cup CSI-W 4* presented at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival. In this video you will see superb horses jumping over difficult obstacles.

Number of Views: 351.264

12. Horses Jumping Competition

Another horse jumping competition that we enjoyed was uploaded by Claudia Tudosa. It features contestants for the Equestrian Grand Final World Jumping competition. A quote from the uploader:

“There is an inherent beauty of watching horse jumping, a rider and horse become one as they gracefully fly through the air and hopefully over the show jumping obstacles, including verticals.” 

Number of viewers: 89.000

13. “Free Riding” Jumping Huge Bareback

Alycia Burton uploaded a video of her own which shows us the unique art of bareback jumping. The four-minute long video of the girl and her horse, once again, demonstrates the strong connection between a rider and his/her horse.

Number of Views: 2.897.084

14. Horse Jumping Show – POV Helmet Cam

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to experience show jumping from a rider’s perspective? You have the chance with this video which records the entire event with a POV Helmet. The video was shot during the 2011 Nexen Derby at Spruce Meadows, Calgary.

Number of views: 83.275

15. Sports Studio: Horse Jumping with Malin Baryard

This amazing short-clip from H&M showcases the spectacular grace of jumping horses in slow-motion. I literally got chills from watching it.

One mind, one fence, one eye. This film is a poetic study of the teamwork between show jumper Malin Baryard-Johnsson and stallion H&M Tornesch as they are getting ready for the World Championships.

Number of Views: 79 709

Horse Racing Videos

Next up we have some really cool horse racing videos. There are plenty of captures from competitions on YouTube. We give you our 5 personal favorites.

16. Preakness 2014 Horse Race

First up we have a video from Preakness 2014. The video is shot with the help of different cameras that track the horses’ performance in this short race. California Chrome takes the lead and manages to secure a third Crown.

Number of Views: 461.584

17. Funny Horse Racing Bloopers

If you want to have a few laughs you should check out this Funny Horse Racing Bloopers compilation. Some veiwers found these small accidents funny while others were protesting against horse cruelty. It’s up to you to decide.

Number of Views: 148.006

18. 2014 Crabbie’s Grand National Chase

In this video we see Leighton Aspell, who just came out of retirement, winning the most coveted prize pool in racing (one million pounds) at Crabbie’s Grand National Chase.

Number of Views: 235.145

Embedded share disabled, you can view the video here.

19. Secretariat – Horse Racing Documentary

Think you can bear through a 40 minute video in 360 pixel quality? If the answer is yes you might want to check out ESPN’s documentary about Secretariat, a legendary & world breaking race horse. It’s amazing.

Number of views: 92.155

20. The Biggest Game in Horse Racing

We were shocked to see that this gem of a video only has 5.641 views. The video takes a closer look at Thoroughbred racing and the Breeders Cup World Championships. The ABRFilms clip is pays homage to these superb creatures.

Number of views: 5.641

Horse Videos for Kids

This short clip introduces us to the world’s smallest horse: Acer – a miniature miniature horse. He stands 22 inches tall and suffers from Dwarfism. Children will have an overdose of cuteness just by watching little Acer.

Number of Views: 2.229.704

22. Real Life My Little Pony

Another cute pony that looks as if he were taken out from the “My Little Pony” stories is Mister Pea, who loves tea. Find out more about the life of an extremely cute and sociable miniature horse.

Number of views: 359.972

23. Kids Song – Little Red – Children’s Horse Song

Number 23 (and 3 on our horse videos for kids list) is the Kids Song featuring little Red, the Thoroughbred. Your children will definitely love singing along to this.

“He’d walk.. He’d trot.. He’d run.. He’d gallop and gallop… and gallop…”

Number of Views: 31.114.487

24. Dream Come True (A Mule Mom’s Story)

We loved this short animation that shows us a glimpse of farm life. Characters include chicken, Gypsy Vaner horses, dogs and other farm animals.

Number of Views: 1.834.181

25. Walt Disney – A Cowboy needs a Horse

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning our favorite horse video from Walt Disney.

While tucked in his bed, an ordinary boy dreams of being a cowboy. His transformation, accompanied by a catchy tune and the addition of a horse, a hat, spurs, and so on, is quite appealing. His adventures in the West with Indians and bandits are not as captivating, but the fun conclusion redeems it.

Number of Views: 859 515

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