Arabian Horse Association – Everything You Need to Know

The Arabian Horse Association of America is a relatively new enterprise. Nonetheless, it comprises the decades-long experience of the Arabian Horse Registry of America as well as that of the International Arabian Horse Association.

The two, founded in 1908 and 1950 respectively merged to form the acclaimed Arabian Horse Association in 2003. Since then, the American Arabian Horse Association was established as the American authority to go to when it comes to the majestic Arabian horse, Anglo-Arabian horse and Half-Arabian horse.

Although the association is a young presence on the all-things equine scene, it has numerous achievements under its belt. Moreover, it’s the focal point of interest uniting Arabian horse enthusiasts across the United States. In addition to representing the center for competitive activities as well as recreational activities for Arabian horse owners in the United States, the Arabian Horse Association fulfills the same role for Canada.

A Short History of the Arabian Horse Association

As mentioned before, the Arabian Horse Association was created through the merger in 2003 of the Arabian Horse Registry of America and the International Arabian Horse Association. The merger allowed the new establishment to re-organize and expand the array of activities and perks offered to Arabian horse enthusiasts.

1.      The Arabian Horse Registry of America

The Arabian Horse Registry of America is the oldest establishment in the United States related to this elegant horse breed. Created in 1908, its history is entwined with that of the introduction of the Arabian horse on American soil.

According to archive documents, General Grant received an astonishing gift during an 1873 trip to the Middle East. The then Sultan of Turkey, Abdul Hamid the II-nd gave General Grant two Arabian stallions. Leopard and Lindentree where brought back home. In 1888, another four Arabian horses (two stallions and two mares) were brought from England.

In 1893, the Chicago World Fair hosted an exhibition which included 45 Arabian Horses. Two of these became the first Arabian horses to be included in the Arabian Horse Stud Book of America. Only a few years later, more Arabian horses were imported in the United States (1906). As a result, the Arabian Horse Registry was created to be of service to purebred Arabian horses owners. In 2002, the oldest organization for Arabian horses in North America numbered 27,500 members.

2.      The International Arabian Horse Association

The International Arabian Horse Association was founded in 1950 to serve as the focal point for organized group activities asked by Arabian horse enthusiasts. From a small group, the International Arabian Horse Association grew to an astonishing membership of almost 30,000.

Throughout its existence, the association served 270 affiliate Arabian horse clubs in Canada and the United States. The network created by IAHA spanned 18 geographic regions and quickly rose to prestige. In 2002, prior to the launch of the Arabian Horse Association, the International Arabian Horse Association closed with the remarkable membership count of 27,500.

The Arabian Horse Association

Following the merger of the two prestigious institutions in 2003, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) quickly became the central point of focus for Arabian horse enthusiasts. Currently, AHA numbers over one million registrations of Anglo-Arabian horses, Arabian horses and Half-Arabian horses. In addition, the association has over 26,000 members.

AHA offers 400 competitions and events designed specifically for the horses under its registry and their owners. Annually, AHA offers 4 million dollars in prizes. The representatives of the 18 geographical regions inherited from IAHA are bound to meet annually for representative functions and to discuss the rules governing the Arabian horse sector.

The Arabian Horse Association serves the owners of Arabian horses, Anglo-Arabian horses and Half-Arabian horses in Canada and the United States. In Canada, AHA functions alongside the Canadian Arabian Horse Association, officially titled the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.

AHA aims to promote the interests of the owners as well as maintain strict preservation programs for the Arabian horse breed, as well the other two that are of interest to the association members. In addition, the institution aims to promote the longstanding ancestry of the breed, inform the public about the value of the exquisite Arabian horse and promote further programs for breeding and ownership.

1.      How to Become a Member

The Arabian Horse Association membership is structured on three tiers. AH offers Arabian horses enthusiasts a general membership, a competition card membership and the club affiliation membership.

For adults, the Arabian Horse Association membership costs 40 dollars/year, the youth membership is valued at 20 dollars/year, the business membership is offered for 60 dollars/year, while life membership costs 1,000 dollars.

If you wish to benefit from the multiple perks of membership, all you need to do is get in contact with the Arabian Horse Association. For a true enthusiast, the opportunities put forth by AHA are irresistible. You’ll have the chance to tap into a large network of owners, affiliate clubs and Arabian horse breeders. Moreover, you’ll find just the right activities for you.

2.      How to Register your Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse Association offers the possibility to register your purebred or part-bred Arabian horse. Why should you do so? Registering your equine beauty ensures the perpetuation of the breed, as well as its integrity.

Moreover, you will be able to take your horse to a wide variety of activities and competitions spanning local to national levels. Most of them are opened for registered horses. In order to register your Arabian, Anglo-Arabian or Half-Arabian horse, you will have to submit an application form, alongside two other documents available for download on the official website of the association.

3.      How to Participate in the AHA-supported and planned Activities

The Arabian Horse Association membership opens the door to a wide range of activities. From horse shows, to competitions, rides and open events, AHA has all of it covered. As such, become a member and benefit from the wide exposure to some of the most entertaining activities that will keep you close to the horses you love.

It’s easy to browse through the multitude of events and activities that the Arabian Horse Association has in store each month. Their up-to-date calendar is an easily accessible tool for members and non-members alike.


The Arabian Horse Association is the largest establishment of its kind serving close to 30,000 members across the U.S. and counting more than 1 million registered purebred or part-bred Arabian horses. Other similar organizations functioning in the U.S. are the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, the Iowa Arabian Horse Association or the Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association.

What all of them have in common is the passion for Arabian horses and their dedication to the perpetuity of the breed.

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