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  • Meet the Arabian Horse – The Beauty of the Orient

    The Arabian horse is the usual suspect when it comes to very easily-recognizable horses. This exquisite equine friend truly deserves the mysticism and fantasy usually associated with its name. It’s said to one of the oldest breeds to have ever roamed the Earth, once native exclusively to the Arabian Peninsula from which it draws its […]

  • Meet the Icelandic Horse

    Imagine horses riding through the frigid landscapes of Scandinavia and Iceland. The Icelandic horse should be the type of horse you picture. This beautiful Norse mare has an incredible history filled with wonder and northern mythology. It’s said that more than a thousand years ago, Norse settlers brought this beautiful creature to Iceland on missions […]

  • EWD (Equestrians With Disabilities) 

    Some disabilities are more noticeable than others, but if we’re honest, horses have helped all of us heal in some way or another.  Horses are master healers and can help us process through emotional and mental wounds, as well as help us rise above physical disabilities.  Whether you’ve experienced a physical, mental, or emotional wound, […]

  • Sub Page 2.1

    This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress. This is an example […]

  • Best Sources for the Latest American Quarter Horse News

    When working with horses it is de rigueur to know all that’s going on in the field, everything that is new or that is already considered old. In this industry, being well informed makes the difference between an amateur and a pro. American Quarter Horse breeders and owners make no exception to this rule. Every […]

  • Meet the American Mustang – New World's Marvel

    The American Mustang is a symbol of the continent’s effervescent history and an unbreakable appetite for freedom. They combine the best traits of cold-blooded and hot-blooded breeds and are characterized by unmatched agility and power. History and Origins Although paleontology proved that horses lived in Northern America up until the last ice age, roughly 12,000 […]

  • Pros & Cons of Using the Martingale Horse Tack

    There are two main types of martingale horse tack: Running and standing. Each of them has its own specifications and uses, but their main purpose is to control the horse’s head movements. This not only provides an elegant posture for the horse but also keeps the rider safe. Martingales for horses are used in a […]

  • Tetanus in Horses 101: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Horses are very susceptible to tetanus. It is a very serious disease that usually ends with the horse dying from it or being euthanized. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and treat the disease. Here we will take a close look at tetanus in horses. What Is Tetanus In Horses? Tetanus is a serious disease […]

  • The Best Funny Horse Names and Their Background

    Let’s face it – horse owners need a sense of humor when owning such unpredictable animals. In a world full of Big Reds, Lightnings and other overused names, funny horse names stand out. They not only to showcase the owner’s sense of humor but also as constant reminders that one cannot take working with horses […]

  • Choosing Horse Care Jobs that Fit Your Personality

    Do you want a stable horse care job? Besides the obvious pun, jobs with horses are becoming more and more popular as our equine friends are being themselves taken in by people. Whether you want to train a horse, care for a horse, care for the barn, or maybe even help heal them, there are […]