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The palomino is not a horse breed, but a coat color — a stunning, golden color. Technically, it is a genetic color in horses, the result of a cream dilution gene that produces a beautiful chestnut base coat along with the cream color. A palomino horse has a gold coat and a white or ivory tail and mane. The palomino color can occur in all horse breeds except for the thoroughbred. Palomino horses … [Read more…]

Horseback riding is something that you can do as a hobby or competitively. Some folks enjoy having a horse around to do some light trail riding with, while others love the thrill of barrel racing or show jumping. Whatever category you fit into, you know how important a proper saddle is. It is essential, not only for the quality of the ride but also for the health of the horse and of the rider. If … [Read more…]

Horses are a special type of animal that requires extra attention and care. Not just anyone can have a horse. There are specific housing and feeding requirements, health examinations and afflictions. There are times when some people can no longer bear the burden of caring for these beautiful animals. They aren’t exactly the easiest animals to relocate and start over with.Luckily, there are horse … [Read more…]

Caring for your horse is as important to you as caring for a child. One of the essential components to having a healthy equine is finding the proper food. Like humans, horses have special dietary needs depending on what stage they’re in and the age they are. It’s important to find the appropriate feed to provide all the nutrients necessary to fuel a stronger and happier horse. Tribute Horse Feed … [Read more…]

Saddle soaps are a blend of lanolin, glycerin, and other cleansing ingredients used to keep leather clean. Saddle soap does not have to be only used for saddles and tack gear, but any leather product.Be sure to follow the directions on the container or manufacturer website to have the best results. Quick Navigation How We ReviewedTop 8 Saddle Soap BrandsFiebing’s Yellow Saddle SoapKiwi Saddle … [Read more…]

Saddle shoes are not just for sock hops and costume parties. They are a popular type of oxford shoe that many men, women, and children wear. The style originated in Europe in the 1800s and continues to be a staple in shoe manufacturer product catalogs today.Therefore, you can find a nice variety of color combinations to match your wardrobe. Quick Navigation How We ReviewTop 10 Saddle Shoe … [Read more…]

Horse Racing Nation is a wiki-type website dedicated to everything related to thoroughbred horse racing. The website provides a convenient place for like-minded people to meet and discuss different aspects of the sport. A community of horse racing enthusiasts provides some of the content, and a full-time editorial team creates the rest, including maintaining social media sites. The parent company, … [Read more…]

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