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Image by PixabayIf you’re seeking to find the best gifts for horse lovers, you and I are in the same boat. I have a few dear friends who are passionate about horses, so it’s usually safe to follow that theme. Since live animals, saddles, riding boots, and the like are outrageously expensive, not everyone can afford them.Before choosing the right gifts for those of your friends who are horse … [Read more…]

Whether you’re a rider, breeder, or just an admirer from afar, horses have a rich and interesting history alongside humankind. Before the motorized engine, horses were our main source of power — the bigger and stronger the better. However, many people don’t know the true answer to, “What is the largest horse breed?” Quick Navigation What Is the Largest Horse Breed?The History of the Shire … [Read more…]

image source: PexelsRiding a horse is a liberating and enjoyable experience, but not without the best riding boots. I say that because I’ve actually tried to ride a horse with just my old sneakers on. Ask any seasoned horseman, and they’ll tell you that the best riding boots are an absolute necessity for horseback adventures.The most significant factor in getting a decent pair of boots for … [Read more…]

If you have a horse or just love horses, you may wonder about what’s going on in their heads and what they’re capable of doing. It makes sense because horses are fascinating creatures. One thing you may be curious about is, can horses swim? Quick Navigation Can Horses Swim?Benefits Of Swimming For HorsesTips For Going Swimming With Your HorseSwimming With The Horsies… Can Horses … [Read more…]

Featured Image: FlickrWhen you work around or own a horse, you’ll know that having the best fly spray for horses is essential. Flies that refuse to leave you and your horse alone can ruin even the most enjoyable routine bonding activities.Flies are the biggest pests for most horses. They hover around the eyes and nostrils, swarm throughout the stable, and can even get into your horse’s … [Read more…]

Image by Laila Klinsmann via All you need to know to finally get in the saddle The very first time you see a horse you will think one of two things: You like them You don’t like themIf you don’t like horses, that’s ok. You can now save yourself a lot of money and take up another hobby.How do you feel about stamp collecting?Image by CC0 … [Read more…]

Saying Paso Fino horses are naturally gaited would be an understatement, given foals a few hours old can perform their famous four-beat gait. After all, even their name stands as proof of a smooth riding experience and an elegant manner of carrying themselves. But their agility and gait are not the only qualities a Paso Fino horse shows; Conquistadors who colonized Central America also bred them … [Read more…]

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