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Horses are often referred to as The Noble Species because there is something special, if not spiritual, in the way this mighty animal moves through its environment and interacts with mankind.There is a famous quote from an unknown source that says, “I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running … [Read more…]

Colic is the nightmare of every horse owner. It is the number one killer of domestic horses – even more than injuries, accidents, or heart problems. All horse owners need to keep a lookout for the signs of colic in horses. Never ignore the signs. Colic is a quick killer. Always keep an emergency veterinarian’s number nearby since colic strikes at any time. What Is Colic in Horses? Colic is … [Read more…] So much of working with horses, or really any animal for that matter, is teaching them how to respond to new “threats” in life.  Teaching a horse to respond in a healthy way keeps both the horse AND the rider safe.  Think about trail riding and any jumping competition- most of the obstacles that are encountered are designed to test the horse’s ability … [Read more…]

When our horses are hurting and struggling, we want to do everything we can to help them out.  We turn to vets, chiropractors, massage therapists, and more to help figure out what will help our equine friends.  Dr. Nels Rasmussen understands helping horses out more than most people, so much so that he has dedicated his life to helping animals remove blocks in their body so that they can function … [Read more…]

Sometimes we lose focus of what’s important in riding.  We get so focused on the fame or the prize that we lose sight of the most important part:  the connection with the horse.  Barbara Koot was at the height of her career when she learned the immense power of the connection between horse and rider. Barbara and her sister are both highly successful riders and their father was their biggest … [Read more…]

Get To Know:  Trainer & Judge, Gwen Ka’awaloa, Dressage Expert Gwen says she was predisposed to horse riding, and especially dressage.  Her grandfather was a cavalry officer in the German army, so when Gwen was ready to learn to ride, she learned from her mother.  The regimented, formal style just makes sense to her, and she has embraced the formal, dressage world for years now.  She … [Read more…]

A Mover & Shaker In The Arabian Sport Horse Scene: Kaye Phaneuf We don’t come across a mover and a shaker every day, but that’s exactly what Kaye is!  She has been instrumental in moving and shaking to make Arabian Dressage an established discipline within the breed and within her region of the Pacific Northwest. Kaye’s journey to the horse world was different than most people’s. Her … [Read more…]

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