The Best Riding Boots To Wear For Comfort And Style 2021


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Riding a horse is a liberating and enjoyable experience, but not without the best riding boots. I say that because I’ve actually tried to ride a horse with just my old sneakers on. Ask any seasoned horseman, and they’ll tell you that the best riding boots are an absolute necessity for horseback adventures.

The most significant factor in getting a decent pair of boots for riding is the comfort level. They need to be durable as well. Plus, waterproof features are a great bonus.

With some warm, sturdy boots, you can protect your feet from the elements and also have a better riding experience. You’ll also feel much safer, as the best riding boots will allow you to hold onto the stirrups very firmly. That’s necessary to avoid slipping as well as for smoothly guiding the horse.

All these reasons are why it’s worth investing in such boots, expensive though they might be. Conducting a bit of research will help you find a pair that’s worthy of your consideration.


image source: Pexels

So, what exactly do riding boots offer us, and why should we consider them at all? Most of us have some winter boots lying around. You may use those for riding as well. While this will save money, the boots may not be cut out for the job.

The best riding boots, for instance, need to have some sort of heel as well as a small tread. If you look up the history of high heels, you’ll see that they were actually meant for men! The reason was riding-related, with the heels providing a firm grip on the stirrups.

That’s why the heel of your riding boots should be around 1 to 1.5 inches high. That prevents any slipping. Besides, it makes such boots low enough for you to walk comfortably on the ground.

Small treads are also a coveted feature in the best riding boots. Anything heavier is for hiking or trudging through the snow. Small treads are all you need for riding, with just enough traction to help you mount and dismount with ease.

You don’t want a large toe box in these shoes, as the extra width could get caught in the stirrup. In fact, it’s better to go with tall designs. These could be the best riding shoes for adult riding competition, as they provide protection as well as an individual style.


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We now come to the matter of how to choose the best riding boots for just about anyone. That includes yourself, your spouse, your horse-crazy kids, and anyone else you care about. The factors below will help you shortlist some of the better options out there:

Is Size The Obvious Factor?

One of the first factors you need to consider is the sizing, of course. Without the right size, no footwear will ever be comfortable for you. Since the best riding shoes need careful selection, just like athletic shoes, getting the right size is essential.

You should look carefully at the sizes offered and see whether they’re in the U.K., U.S., Canadian, or any other kind of sizing. The type of measurement you wear might not be the same one on display, so you should be accurate about the conversions.

User Reviews Are Here To Stay

When shopping online for the best riding boots, you simply cannot miss glancing at the user reviews. To get the sizing correct and avoid too many regrets, these reviews are a must.

User reviews can tell you whether the sizing runs large, small, or just right. Plus, they’ll also warn you if the color is different than what we see in the picture. These reviews could be the perfect window in the best riding boots experience.

The Measurements Go Beyond Just The Feet

When you measure your feet for ordering some of the best riding boots, you should include your calves too. The fitting around your calves shouldn’t be tight, but just snug enough for comfort. Ideally, there should be a tiny bit of difficulty when you’re putting on your shoes or taking them off.

Selecting The Height Is A Requirement

With tall riding boots, the shaft height should go to the middle of the kneecap. Fair warning: this could be a tad uncomfortable in the beginning. But your feet will definitely adjust afterward.

Nothing Beats Comfort

Comfort is not just about a soft material or a low heel. For the best riding boots, it’s mostly about the footbed. Fortunately, many of the top options on the market have this feature.

Since you’ll be putting the ball of your foot in the stirrup for the riding experience, you should pay particular attention there. This space should be extra comfy to prevent excessive foot pains or aches.


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We’ve managed to review the best riding boots available on the market with a few discerning factors. First off, the Amazon rating for all these pairs below is at least 4.0 out of 5 stars. That assures us and all potential wearers that the construction of good quality and that the performance is acceptable.

Next, we’ve tried to cater to every horse rider’s needs by choosing some pairs for women, men, and kids. There’s no limit on horse riding when it comes to age or gender, so there’s something for everyone.

Finally, we’ve tried our best to make sure we select the riding boots based on their features. These include their stylish designs, durability, waterproof options, and much more.

The following best riding boots are sure to give you an excellent horse riding experience:

Boots For Women

The top riding boots for women are as follows:

The ARIAT Women’s Scout Zip Paddock Boot is a quality option specially made for riding novices. One can easily wear these on the field every single day, as they’re both comfy and durable. They have a front zipper, which makes for easy wearing.

We love the fact that these boots are comfortable right after unpacking, as breaking-in could be a tough period. The Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars means that we can rest easy about quality assurance.

One slight downside about the ARIAT boots is that these run a little small. If you get a larger size, you’ll be all set

The Dublin Ladies Summit Zip Paddock Boot is another zippered option. It also features a punched toe cap, branded pull tables, and a durable finish. The material is fast-drying, antibacterial, and antifungal as well.

This pair boasts an Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, which means that most users have found it useful. We especially love the leather in this option’s construction. It’s full-grain, soft, and waxy, which provides just enough flexibility for the riding field.

According to reviews, we may expect these to be true to size, and a bargain for their price. If someone has thick shins, though, these might be a bit stiff.

The popular option of Ralph Lauren Women’s Maryann Riding Boot has an excellent rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. You can choose between black or a black and dark brown combination. The construction includes 100 percent leather, synthetic soles, and a 1.5-inch heel.

Overall, this is a classic choice that has a stylish crisscross strap with a buckle. We also like the stacked block heel, which makes for easy walking as well as a firm grip.

One thing is for sure: You’ll get a lot of praise with these Ralph Lauren boots. The details are gorgeous, right down to the last stitch. However, a woman with petite calves may not find this a proper fit.

The Ariat Women’s Heritage IV English Paddock Boot is another offering from this popular brand. These shoes have a full-grain leather upper, and a lining that’s both breathable yet moisture-wicking. With the padded collar, you can also be sure of a comfortable experience.

With an Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this particular pair seems very promising. The antiquated brass zipper is a gorgeous addition. The best part, though, is probably the fantastic comfortable foot bed.

While it might be an excellent choice for the best riding boots, you’ll have to break them in a bit. The newer models are slightly narrower, but it shouldn’t be a significant problem.

The Naturalizer Women’s Jessie Knee High Boot comes with extra cushioning, a leather construction, and the necessary synthetic sole. We need the latter for our grip, so even the more natural boots have to include this!

The Amazon rating here is 4.0 out of 5 stars, which is well-deserved. That’s because these high boots have a breathable lining, extra cushioning, and a flexible sole.

Since this was one of the first brands to come up with feminine-style riding boots, they know what they’re doing. You can get an admirable level of comfort here, while the designs are fresh, unassuming, and practical.

Again, you’ll have to break these in a bit before they’re absolutely perfect.

There are also some great brands for men:

The Horze Kilkenny Paddock Boots are soft, having a comfortable feel, and synthetic construction. One unique aspect here is the zipper, which is located at the back. That makes it easier to take the boot on and off.

The Amazon rating for these boots is 4.5 out of 5 stars, which means that they give a great experience. They’re also a stylish choice, especially with the fixed decorative laces at the front. The material is PU leather, which is practical and durable.

Of course, some riding enthusiasts might complain about the price, especially as the material isn’t genuine leather. Still, we’d say that the soft material is easy to clean and looks new even after long-term use. That definitely makes up for the synthetic construction.

The Hispar Men’s Stirling Dress Boots have a zipper, a rubber outsole, and a sock liner as well. The liner is moisture-wicking, and will fully absorb any pesky moisture on the field. We love the hand-crafted construction, especially as it uses soft and genuine leather.

The Amazon rating for this pair is 4.0 out of 5 stars, which tells us about the quality of this offering. The unique factor here is the full-length zipper on the side. These are primarily for Dressage Riders, though the genuine leather will please everyone.

Some riders may have an issue with the large width of the design. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to measure your calves before ordering.

The Funtasma Jedi Warrior Riding Boots are made of pleather and serve a dual role. Many use these not just as riding boots, but also for cosplaying Star Wars characters. They’re available in several sizes, so you can probably find something for your unique requirements.

We have a decent Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, which is good enough for most. While the leather may only be of the imitation variety, it still has acceptable quality. The heavy-duty zipper and durable lining are two of the exciting features Funtasma offers.

These boots run a little large, so you should double-check before ordering. Even if you do get a larger size, some gel inserts and thick socks will tide you over.

Kids of all ages also love horse riding. You can make sure they’re comfy and safe by considering these options:

The Roper Daniel Distressed Brown Leather Cowboy Boots come with a saddle camp, a marbled blue shaft, and pull holes. The TPR bottom is a two-toned, flexible design, with a padded insole for that coveted comfort.

For now, the Amazon rating for these boots is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. The side zipper will make it easy for any child to put the boot on and pull it off. The square toe might be a tangling risk in the stirrups, but it’s an excellent roomy addition for some.

The Smoky Mountain Denver Leather Western Boot comes in some interesting color choices. You can choose pink, brown, or a few other shades according to the child’s preference. There are also rubber soles with leather upper and a steel shank.

It comes with an excellent Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That’s among the highest ratings on this whole list, so the boots must really be something.

We may rest assured that these are quality boots with a classic Western design. They’re also quite affordable, though a little stiffness in the beginning is standard. Don’t worry, they’ll soon soften up and be entirely comfortable for a young rider.


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The best riding boots is a subjective decision, but these reviews help us narrow our choices down. That said, we’ll go with the Dublin Ladies Summit Zip Paddock Boot as the best choice for women. It has that easy zipper, requires no breaking in, and is true to size.

For men, we’ll go with the Horze Kilkenny Paddock Boots above all. It’s a vegan option that doesn’t compromise on quality. If one can afford the price, it makes sense to go with convenience and style.

The Smoky Mountain Denver Leather Western Boot seems to be the best choice for kids. These are comfortable, classic, and have a very high rating.

So, which one of these will be the best riding boot for you? Write all about it in the comments!

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