5 Cool Bullseye, the Toy Story Horse, Playthings

Many of you are familiar with Bullseye, the infamous toy story horse, and Woody’s faithful sidekick. He is first introduced in Toy Story 2, but also makes appearances in Toy Story 3 and Toy Story Toons. If your little one loves toy story and horses, he/she will also love the new collection of playthings, figurines, and Lego-toys that feature some of the coolest characters of the series. But before we take a look at the toy story horse playthings, let’s revisit Bullseye’s past to see what made him such a likeable character in the first place.

Bullseye – The Toy Story Horse

Interestingly enough, Bullseye doesn’t receive a speaking voice, but he feel extremely human due to his puppy-like behaviour and amusing neighs and adorable horse noises. In Toy Story 2, Bullseye is the first toy that Woody meets he arrives at Al’s Penthouse. After spending roughly seven years in storage, the toy story horse is extremely excited to see Woody join the collection, if only for a little while.

Bullseye is a very likeable character, despite the fact that he can’t speak. He does not enjoy fights (judging by the way he hides when Woody and Jessie are about to fight each-other over the TV incident), and he is clearly emotionally attached to Woody. When Woody announces that he will leave the collection as soon as his hand gets reattached, Bullseye becomes extremely sad. He only seems to brighten up after Woody, having learn about Jessie’s past, decides to spend more time with the gang. Bullseye takes part in a great adventure before he joins Andy’s toys.

In Toy Story 3, the horse makes his first, heroic, appearance in Andy’s realistic play scenario, and saves Woody as he falls off the train, when all hope is lost. This shouldn’t come as surprise, seeing as Bullseye is described as:

“Bullseye is Woody’s trusty toy steed from the “Woody’s Roundup” gang. Bullseye can ride like the wind and leap across giant canyons in a single bound, especially when Woody is in the saddle.”

In Toy Story 3 Bullseye becomes extremely sand upon hearing that Andy doesn’t want to play with his toys anymore, and they end up being donated to Sunnyside Daycare. But this isn’t the only situation that saddens Bullseye. After he pledges his loyalty to Woody, and is locked up by evil Lotso, who also shows him Woody’s hat, the toy story horse becomes even more depressed. It is only after seeing Woody once more that the loyal companion cheers up.

In most situations, Bullseye acts like a dog – clumsy and loyal. Even if he can’t speak, he can make his feelings clear through his facial expressions and characteristic noises. According to a character interview, while in storage, Bullseye managed to communicate with Jessie by tapping his hooves. This clearly shows that he is also intelligent. All of these traits make Bullseye one heck of a companion and the favorite of thousands of children.

If you want your little one to spend some quality time with Bullseye, you should consider buying him one of the cool toys that feature him. Here are a few options:

#1 Toy Story Horse Deluxe Feature Figure | $29.95

This 15cm figurine perfectly captures Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story horse’s personality with the help of motion features. Children can pull Bullseye’s tail to make him buck his legs or recreate scenes from the movie. You can also pair-up Bullseye with Jesse, or Woody, for the complete package. A word of caution: this toy contains small parts so it might not be ideal for children under the age of three.

Product Link: FishPond

#2 Woody’s Horse, Bullseye, Soft Toy | £49.99 

Although this toy is a tad more expensive than the previous one, it is more suitable for younger children because it is made, almost exclusively, from softer parts. What makes this toy story horse amazing is the fact that it also features neighing noises, and a cool stirrup and saddle. According to customer reviews, the toy looks a lot better in reality than online. Each toy also comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” from Disney/Pixar.

Product Link: Argos

#3 Toy Story Bullseye Plush & Book Bundle | $35.00

This Toy story bundle includes a Bullseye plush toy, the Toy Story 2 little golden book, a Disney license, and the letters “A”, “N”, “D”, “Y” spelled on the horse’s hooves (like in the movie).

Product Details: Size – 16 x 10 x 10 inches, Weight – 12 ounces, Recommended Age – 24 months and up.

Product Link: Amazon

#4 Toy Story PVC Action Figurines | $24.00

If you want the complete Toy Story set, you will definitely love the 4pcs/set action figures that feature beloved characters like Jessie, Woody, Buzz Lightyyear and, of course, Bullseye.

Product Link: Amazon

#5 Toy Story 3 Gift Pack | $17.85

This set of toys, based on Pixar’s movie, features Sheriff Woody, Bullseye and an over-sized boot that shoots a green snake. Now, you can re-create the movie moment in your own home. All Toy Story fans will love this beautifully crafted set, and this gift pack could make an awesome present.

Product Link: Amazon

These are probably the best toy story horse playthings you will find online. Most of them have received positive reviews from fans. I have also found some cool Lego sets featuring Bullseye on Amazon, but you will have to purchase all the figurines even if you only want the horse.

Have you found any other cool toys? We’d love to see them!

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