Top 7 Horse Shampoo Brands for a Healthy Equine Look

A clean horse is a healthy horse. Horses and ponies love to roll in the mud which makes keeping them clean quite a chore. Horses also need to be bathed the day before a show to make them look their best. Bathing a horse is much easier when you use the right brand of horse shampoo.

Here is a look at the top brands used for specific situations. Thick manes and tails often need conditioner as well as shampoo to keep the hair manageable. Remember never to bathe a horse on a very cold or rainy day unless the horse is immediately tucked into a warm, dry stall.

7 Accessible and Trustworthy Horse Shampoo Options

1. Mane ‘N Tail

Horse shampoo should only be used on equines. They are not meant to be used by people. However, there is one notable exception – Mane ‘N Tail. Originally made on a New Jersey horse farm to help tame the wildest horse or pony manes and tails, some riders and caretakers began using the stuff on their own heads.

They were so pleased with the results that they told others. The news could not be kept secret. By the 1990s, the demand for Mane ‘N Tail was so great that it is the only horse shampoo found in grocery stores, drug stores and major department store chains. It is available for $17.50.

2. Neogen Squire Super Whitening Horse Shampoo

The hardest color in horses to keep clean is white (or greys that have turned white.) Even horses with white body marks like socks or blazes seem to be dirt magnets. Horses with large patches of white like pintos or Appaloosas often wind up looking half dirty and half clean if their owners use plain horse shampoo.

Neogen Squire Super Whitening Shampoo is a hot seller on Amazon. Also, this shampoo is available for $20.34. It lathers up thickly to help get rid of deep layers of dirt. This shampoo is also okay to use on cattle or dogs. It is also safe to use for horses of any color. The manufacturer claims that this horse shampoo enhances all colors.

3. Finish Line First Aid Shampoo

Horses can suffer from many painful and unsightly skin conditions like fungal infections or girth itch. Regular horse shampoos often irritate these conditions. Finish Line First Aid Shampoo is specifically for horses with skin problems. It uses iodine and aloe vera in place of harsher chemicals. Lathers up thickly.

This is sold in a concentrated form, so it needs to be diluted when used. It can be used on the healthy parts of a horse, too and is gentle enough to be used every day. Horses with skin problems often need a daily bath in order to combat their condition. The shampoo costs $18.60 – 49.79.

4. Miracle Coat Waterless Horse Shampoo

Bathing a horse or pony is a big deal. The best barns have a specific wash stall to help keep water and suds all in one place. Hoses are best to help soak the horse and rinse off the shampoo. Usually the groom gets as wet as the horse after a bath. There are times when a horse needs cleaning but does not need to get wet. If its winter and the horse has a grass or mud stain, a full bath can be dangerous.

These are the times for Miracle Coat Waterless Horse Shampoo. It just sprays on. It is also gentle enough and yet effective enough for that chore they never talk about in horse movies – sheath cleaning. The shampoo costs $25.21.

5. Mad About Organics All Natural Horse/ Farm Animal Moisturizing Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Many horse owners prefer organic products for themselves – and now they can get quality organic grooming products for their horses, too. Many horses with sensitive skin or who are allergic to common ingredients in conventional horse shampoos and conditioners do better with hypoallergenic products, like Mad About Organics All Natural Horse/ Farm Animal Moisturizing Hypoallergenic Shampoo.

It uses lanolin which helps get the horse clean but does strip away the horse’s natural body oils. It’s certified organic and made in America. It’s also good for cattle and pigs. This is also a vegetarian product. The manufacturer claims that this shampoo can be used for pregnant mares and foals as young as one month old. This is sold in a concentrated form. So, be sure to dilute with water when using. This shampoo is available for $13.99.

6. Dermoline Pre-Clip Shampoo

It’s always recommended to bathe a horse before doing body clipping. Clipping dirty hair wears out the clipper blades faster and may cause the clippers to nick the skin or pull the hair uncomfortably.

A good basic horse shampoo to use before clipping is Dermoline Pre-Clip Shampoo. It includes witch hazel and rose water to help leave the hair skin and smelling nice. The shampoo costs $8.48.

7. Organically Correct Older Horse Healing Shampoo

Horses and ponies in their golden years (age 20 and up) have different skin and coat conditions than when they were younger. Older horses often have patchy, thinning coats. For these horses, Organically Correct Older Horse Healing Shampoo may help.

It is gentle, hypoallergenic and also claims to help the joint pain and inflammation that older horses and ponies often suffer from. All organic ingredients only for this brand. This shampoo costs $19.24.

To Sum It Up

It’s important to use shampoo especially made for horses or livestock. Never use human shampoo on horses since that can irritate the skin and cause large flaking that looks like a really bad case of dandruff.

Before bathing a horse or pony’s entire body in a new shampoo, be sure to give a spot test. Clean a small area such as a spot on the belly and check 24 hours later to see if there is any allergic reaction syuch as redness or swelling. Any caring horse owner should consult a veterinarian about horse shampoo recommendations.

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