Tips on Buying Horse Trailers for Sale in NC

Your horse can bring plenty of benefits to your health and lifestyle.

Well, one thing is certain: no one lands on a site about horse trailers if unless they decided to make a step forward a new adventure in their lives. Are you an experimented equestrian fan? Are you new to horseback riding? Did you only recently discover the benefits of taking some time off and leaving with your four legged friend for a walk by the lake? Well, unless you live on top of a hill and plan on only circling your property, you might need to consider getting a horse trailer, which will be necessary regardless of your geolocalized position, if you intend to travel, but especially if you want to transit a city with your horse. This is when you should go through some horse trailer sale tips and learn where you can get your horse trailer if you’re located in North Carolina, but not only. Before getting yourself a trailer (or a trailer AND a horse) we dearly recommend you evaluate this decision thoroughly and make a great deal of research. A horse will be around for several years, and taking care of such an animal and its living and transportation conditions isn’t what you’d call piece of cake. Of course, it’s also not rocket science, especially if you’re passionate about the word “equine” and you can barely wait to explore those warm southern trails!


The back of a horse trailer

3 Advantages of Horseback Riding

  • You will be more aware of your own body. Horseback riding challenges your core muscles that provide stability to your trunk. That means your abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. Don’t only think about the strength of the core, because horseback riding provides coordination and stability of it too. Practice makes the master. The more you ride, the more your body learns how to move together with your horse. This exercise challenges your core and trunk to basically learn a whole new way to move.
  • You might be thinking this is an exclusively physical activity, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Perhaps the most important mental asset you need to develop together with your horse is quick thinking. There will be several moments when your decisions need to be sharp and strong in order to peacefully ride a large and powerful animal. You will need to adjust to the animal’s movement, but also learn to identify and anticipate its reactions. It takes more than just riding to do the proper riding! Anticipation does play a great role in a good relationship to your horse, the same way researching some of its traits does. You should learn what horses are usually afraid of, what they dislike and what can potentially hurt them – the sooner, the better.
  • If you were looking for a complete mind-body training, here you have it! Horseback riding intersects coordination, which translates itself to many movements you will have to do simultaneously and cautiously. Did you know that there are therapeutic riding programs to help the sight-impaired which had a lot of success for improving their coordination? This activity is also an isometric exercise. Specific muscles are used for you to stay in some positions or keeping your balance on the horse. Postural strength is essential to this activity, it develops once you keep practicing and remarks itself in your day to day life too.

Well, now that you have a gentle reminder of why you should go for a horseback riding session more often, let’s see what you need – except for, well, a horse! The second important thing that you must own is the trailer for your horse, it’s the safest way for both of you to travel long distances. Living quarters or a paint job, a new trailer or a used one – it’s less important, but the safety and comfort of your horse comes first. It now depends if you need to transport a single horse, 2, 4 or more, if you care for a trailer with a bumper pull, a featherlite gooseneck trailer (used by some of the world’s foremost equestrians), a sundowner, a huge bloomer or just a small brenderup.


A rather spacious horse trailer just right to accommodate the animal you care for.

We gathered a list for you depending on your location to make it easier for you to study trailers within your reach. Look at a cheap one, a slant one, at a used trailer or a new aluminium one (like those from Exiss), a single or a larger one. Consider discounts if you buy two or more, and so on. We started off from NC, but continued with several other places across the US in an alphabetical list. Most of the sellers have experience with horses from an owner’s point of view. There are numerous brands and dedicated hubs, from Lakota, Kingston, Cimarron to 4 Star, Platinum or Elite and many others. Craigslist is also an option for many riders. Some producers, like Bison, provide each trailer with a living quarter. From east to west, there are plenty of differences between trailers in order to meet your and your animal’s needs.

North Carolina:

























All you need now is a new riding outfit and plenty of energy!

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