Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Horse Trailers for Sale in Ohio

Your horse can be your friend for a long period of time in your life. Imagine that acquiring a horse trailer for your animal is like someone would choose a trailer home for you – wouldn’t you hate it if it were the wrong size or kind? Although choosing a horse trailer in Ohio might sound like a rather difficult task, rest assured: we took care of some research for you.

The Columbus model from Caughlin

We gathered some options if you’re looking to buy your horse’s trailer in Ohio. Before you start reading below, make sure you read our horse trailer tips! There are several aspects you need to keep in mind and they don’t appear to you when you mentally draw the picture of a trailer. The trailer needs to be safe, functional and comfortable, but also provide a lot of features for the rider (or let’s say driver, too?). This choice now bears a lot of responsibility.

  1. Coughlin Auto. This is a place where you can find Columbus horse trailers for great prices and careful selection of both new and used trailers. You get to choose from a variety of trailers, from living quarters to bumper pulls and you can browse to their current inventory to find the perfect match between your needs and your budget. Apparently, the top name in this domain in Ohio is Shadow horse Trailers, which you can find for sale at Coughlin Auto in London. Discover the wide array of characteristics and features, the luxury feel and the quality craftsmanship of the Shadow trailers, even if you’re looking for a variety of living quarter options or a standalone hitch trailer. If you have the chance to visit them, they offer expertise from trailer specialists in order for you to take an informed decision.
  2. EquineNow. This website adopts a rather do-it-yourself approach, by listing available offers, which are waiting for your assessment. Practically, you need to research, evaluate and compare the horse trailers you will find, but to your advantage, you can start browsing using certain filters, like location, brand, year, hitch type, features, color and material. Let’s say that you can use this tool if you are an independent user or already gained experience with a horse and the way it needs to be transported.
  3. Leonard Trailers. These guys advertise and promote their own experiences with the trailers they sell. They mention: “we don’t just sell trailers, we use them”. Their staff is ranked as knowledgeable and experienced and presumably they seem to be horse owners who constantly pull trailers with living quarters to haul them. Their biggest asset seems to be their first hand experience. Leonard Truck and Trailers sales staff can even assist you to design your own custom trailer! That way, you alone can choose how to opt for your features: air conditioners, ramps, hay racks, awnings, generators and customized graphics.
  4. Altmeyer’s Trailers. Located both in Pennsylvania as well as in Ohio, Altmeyer’s Trailers is a family business which started in the ‘70s and specialized in selling new and used horse “accessories” ranging from trailers, equipment, car hauler, utility and cargo trailers. The owners take pride in offering quality stuff and superior service to its customers, from a large range of horse and livestock trailers to the advice they’re guaranteeing. Altmeyer’s customers also benefit from free freight between their two locations. Go to these guys if you need PA state inspections, parts, service or repairs.

As reviews tend to indicate a growing number of horse owners who prefer to do the research on their own and then opt for buying a horse trailer online from Craigslist or eBay, but that sounds like a good idea for experimented buyers. As tempting as it might sound to get some cheap, used trailers to adapt to your tight budget, especially because these things cost a lot of money, the riskier it gets. It’s like getting a car for yourself, for an example – but you can only imagine that no matter how much you love your horse, you can’t actually feel what the animal does. You really need to analyze when and how you intend on using the trailer, for how long and how often, on what sort of distances and what kind of a horse you have. The animal’s safety and comfort come first on the list of must-haves that you need to follow.

Buying online doesn’t mean that you have to pay before you see the trailers, as some sellers agree to meet up, negotiate and present their product. It’s obviously not that kind of a risk that someone would intentionally want to harm your purchase. Simply consider that if you opt for a live interaction with a specialist who has the same interest for horses like you do, he or she might support you with specific insight and some good advice. If you don’t sellers or resellers, you should start researching and reading all about horse transportation online.

Horse riding through the stream.

Keep Riding

Did you know that horseback riding is efficient in treating sight-impaired patients for better coordination? Here are some other benefits of riding your horse:

  1. Flexibility and Muscle Tone. Your abdominal, pelvic and back muscles are intensely solicited, but also the inner thighs get a huge workout as a rider positions himself. As they ride, a squatting position is what riders often have to maintain, since they constantly need to adjust to the cadence of the animal. Even athletes claim that horseback riding is a pretty toning thing to do!
  2. Connected Strengths. Did you think that only riding is beneficial for you? Guess again. Nurturing your horse, caring for its barn and keeping everything in good shape requires some effort, but provides good overall muscle tone, enhances stamina and increases cardiovascular capacity.
  3. Mental Health Benefits. Focusing on this experience and getting acquainted to your horse has a meditative effect and flushes away all other stressy thoughts. Riding will provide an interactive and fun workout, but will also challenge your mind to stay present and basically concentrate on your connection to your horse.
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