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If you want to make your kids love horses, there are a lot of ways you can go about it. The very first thing to do, if you have horses at your barn, is to introduce the little ones to them, show them that they have nothing to be scared of, and let them pet the horse every now and then.

However, keeping the little ones too close to the horses could teach them that they can do anything they want with the horses, whenever they want to, which is certainly not the case. This may end up making them sneak over to the horses behind your back, and you really, really don’t want that. With horses, one wrong move can leave someone severely injured, and in some cases paralyzed for life.

So, if you want to familiarize your kids with horses, but without exposing them too much to the equine companions, you have two options. The first one, which we’ve covered here, is about horse care games. There are a whole lot of horse care games available on the internet, all of which are perfect if you want your kids to grow up to have perfect horse grooming skills.

The second thing you can do to familiarize yurt kids with horses is to shows them cute, educational or funny horse videos for kids. These can be found all over the internet, and especially on YouTube. However, if you’re too lazy to look for them yourself, fear not. We’ve made our own list of the best horse videos for kids. And here they are:

1. Horses for Kids – GreatVideosforKids

The first video we are presenting you comes from a rather small YouTube channel. Although the channel’s audience is not that extensive, the videos it makes are very nice ones that can easily be shown to kids. Although the videos do not contain any form of narration, they still are the best we could find.

The video below, for example, shows horses quietly grazing in the field, horses running gaily along the field, horses jumping over obstacles, and horses galloping together along a forest trail. The best thing about the video is that the last part shows a horse from a rider’s point of view, so the kid can understand what it feels like to ride a horse himself through this first-person point of view.

Besides all these wonderful elements, the video below also shows an incredibly cute miniature horse being brought out of its trailer. What made us choose this video to put on our list was its quality. Going over the fact that the video is available in HD, the music on the background is soothing and calm, perfect for kids.

What we don’t recommend about this channel is looking at their other videos with horses. Although at first they may seem okay, the truth of the matter is that they are putting too much emphasis on horses carrying a bit. While bits are still very common, it’s best not to further promote them, especially to your kids.

2. Horses in Dream – wittydud

What you must remember when teaching your kids about horses is that – unlike us adults – kids are extremely easily impressed. That’s why we’ve chosen to show you the videos of a YouTube channel called wittydud.

With about 86 thousand subscribers, this channel is a bit more popular than the previous one. And quite rightly so, as the videos here are compilations of some of the most beautiful horse videos around. These horse videos for kids are perfect.

Who are we kidding? Anyone would be impressed. Kids and adults alike. These are the videos we definitely recommend the most if you wish to inspire someone to take up horsemanship. But be careful, if you watch too much, you may be persuaded yourself!

The music that accompanies the beautiful images seems more than fitting. With grand shots of horses running down sandy beaches, it’s no wonder these videos have reached staggering view counts. But, together with these shots come awe-inspiring soundtracks that make you feel like you are out there too, galloping wild and free with these beautiful equestrians.

While the most watched horse video on the channel has some 4 million hits, we would recommend one other video with just 571 thousand, as it’s much more professionally made, and the soundtrack is much more fitting. You can watch this video right here.

However much we may like to think that kids are as responsive and attentive as us, we must remember how we used to be when we were young. If you can recall back to that time, you will be reminded that kids are very, very easily bored. That is why, for our last video suggestion, we’ve chosen something different.

3. Horse Splashes around – Kyoot Animals

If you’re like us, and you spend countless hours on YouTube looking at compilations of funny animals – you’re going to love this little video. Kids love it when horses and other animals do something even remotely human-like. And let’s be honest, we do too! That’s why we’ve decided to include in our horse videos for kids list, a clip of a big brown horse called Duke who would like to take a bath.

Kyoot animals – which, if you haven’t guessed, is a totally unique way of spelling “cute” – specializes in just these types of vides. If your kids don’t feel entertained enough watching the previous videos, than this one is sure to spark their interest. Furthermore, if they like this video, then be sure to check out the other videos on the channel. Besides other animals, there is also a considerable amount of horsy stuff.

You can tell that this channel has some serious fan base, since it has just about 261 thousand subscribers. If you like their videos, or any other videos of the above for that matter, be sure that you subscribe yourself. This way, you could have a weekly dose of entertaining horse videos for kids,

If you’ve liked this list, or if you want more horse videos like the last one, be sure to also check out our other list of funny horse videos!

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