Being A Trendsetter In The Equestrian Industry

Leading The Industry In Trendsetting Equestrian Training |  Kellie Hinely

We all want to be unique, noticed, and well, a trendsetter. Well, with Kellie Hinely, you are literally a trendsetter in the equine world! Kellie is a champion rider, trainer, wife, mom, horse lover, and owner of Trendsetter Performance Horses. How does she do it all? She shared some amazing insights with us about how she manages all of the many roles she has, and still has time to enjoy her horses too!

Work Life Balance

In the equestrian world, we all know that horses are in our blood and often get top priority in our life. But for Kellie, family is #1 before anything else! Kellie met her hubby back in high school where he was helping hauling horses. He now runs a diesel mechanic business, she runs Trendsetter Performance Horses, and they live in an unassuming neighborhood with their two amazing kiddos. Having the 20 minute drive to the barn is a nice buffer to keep some work life balance. However, having kids in the first place is enough to force you to have some balance in your life.

Kellie’s daughter, Taylor, has caught the horse bug too and absolutely loves every moment she can spend in the barn. It’s a special bond that mother and daughter have together that allow them to spend some quality time together and share some amazing experiences.

Smart Business

Kellie also keeps some level of sanity because she has built her training business up with a few smart moves. One of those main moves was bringing in help. Kellie says she couldn’t do what she does (and do it well!) without the help of Deann Hudson. Deann has been with her for years and knows the horses and clients as intimately as Kellie does. Deann is a huge blessing!

Kellie also has other help around the barn and grooms that work with the barn’s 35-40 horses. Kellie also hires drivers and help with big shows so that she can maximize her time with her family, rather than being on the road all the time. Investing in good help is simply the smart way to operate.

Kellie specializes in All Around for youth and amateurs, working with Quarter Horses specifically. She shows with her own horses and with clients’ horses primarily on the West Coast, but also will go to larger shows like the Congress, World Show, and Open World.

Kellie’s Advice To Riders Starting Out:

  1. Sit down and watch the warmup and classes. There’s so much to be learned fromkelliehinely-5727096 watching. Learn what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Learn what how you want to behave and not behave.
  2. Read The Rule Book. Even the judges brush up on the rule book the night before a show to make sure they don’t forget minor details. If the judges are studying up, you should too!
  3. If you’re just starting out, invest the time to interview trainers. Trainers are such a huge key to success in your horse career. It makes a difference who you choose. Go watch them ride and show. Watch how they interact with their own clients. Talk to them. Make sure that whoever you choose to work with you and your horse, is 100% the right fit for you!

Kellie understands the importance of this lifestyle and hobby. It is an art, craft, and relationship with a loving animal! There is so much that goes into being an equestrian, and especially one working with All Around horses.

To Learn More About Kellie Hinely and Trendsetter Performance Horses, check out her website and go give her some love by following her on Facebook!

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