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When working with horses it is de rigueur to know all that’s going on in the field, everything that is new or that is already considered old. In this industry, being well informed makes the difference between an amateur and a pro. American Quarter Horse breeders and owners make no exception to this rule.

Every day more and more information appears; new horses, new competitions, new reunions, as well all juicy gossips and jokes about certain people or facts, are musts when it comes to the equestrian business.

If you are a wannabe Quarter Horse owner of if you are a beginner in the field, you should start by subscribing to some if not, all specialized Quarter Horse news magazines. You can either purchase the printed version or you can read the magazines online on your phone or tablet.

In these publications, you will find valuable information, worth reading and then applying. Health and beauty, stats, competitions, shows, selling events…you can find them all in the pages of specialized American Quarter Horse News magazines.

List of American Quarter Horse news magazines:

Q-Racing Journal


This magazine features Quarter Horse news, racing scores and results, interesting articles, statistics, life stories and different facts from the Quarter Horses’ history.

Q-Racing Journal appears only once a month and it is not available in printed version. You can only read it online, actually only the AQHA members can read it. As you may have guessed already, the magazine is issued by the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and is specially designed to respond to the needs of all racing Quarter Horses owners, breeders and breed’s fans.

While reading this magazine, you’ll have the chance to form an opinion about the racing Quarter Horse industry. The magazine offers full coverage of all the racing events of the past month, as well as of some future ones.

America’s Horse Magazine


Upon becoming a member of the AQHA, each person is granted full and free access to this magazine. One of the many advantages of being an AQHA member, is its magazine, which seems to cover all kinds of useful topics such as health, training, bloodlines, tack tips and people actively implied in the field of Quarter Horses, be they experts or quarter horse enthusiasts.

The Publication appears only 10 times a year and it represents an amazing resource with almost all you need to know about horses in general, and Quarter horses in particular.

With its amazing articles that cover a variety of subjects, America’s Horse is a necessary resource that will make you and your horse reach full potential. Tens of tips and tricks on how to keep yourself and your horse healthy, in the best possible way.

After finishing reading it, you may want to apply the valuable information you have acquired and make the most out of your experience with your horse. Keep in mind that a happy horse is a combination between good food, good exercise, practice, and the least but not the last, quality time. While applying the brand new information that you’ve found in the mag, spend some quality time with your horse, and you will see that the results will be just amazing.

The Journal


This is the most trusted publication in the field and it will probably stay this way for a very long time. This magazine comes in both printed and digital version and it was created to inform all horse and quarter horse fans. A very reliable publication, this magazine will keep you up to date with everything regarding American Quarter Horses.

With a variety of tips and tricks on health, management, racing, riding and training, it has more than 235,000 readers each month, including almost all the important members of the AQHA, professionals such as breeders, racers, and trainers. According to a recent study supported by the AQHA, the Journal has more specialized readers than any other publication in America.

All the three publications you’ve seen so far are supported or printed by AQHA. Besides these three publications, there are a few extra magazines that are suitable for all Quarter Horses fans and owners.

Quarter Horse News


Quarter Horse News is a magazine specialized in the Western performance horse racing niche. Dealing mostly with Quarter Horse shows, events, and news, this magazine is suitable for all Quarter Horse owners that enjoy a western and wild kind of life. Established in 1978, this semi-monthly publication keeps providing interesting content for all Quarter Horse lovers.

Quarter Horse Track Magazine


This is the nation’s oldest and largest independently-owned publication that deals with the problems of the Quarter Horse business. This magazine appears monthly since 1975…this means more than 40 years of professional monthly Quarter Horse coverage. Offering a more personal approach, TRACK Magazine gives us valuable insights from the horse industry.

To this day, it is one of the most comprehensive magazines of its type. At all major events, there will be at least one TRACK Magazine’s reporter, writing the facts and stats for the next number of the publication.

In the pages of this magazine you will find full coverage of all major races, intriguing articles, detailed races reports, results of major races or of major sells of the month, personality profiles, jokes, high quality photos and all the important stats.

Western Horseman


This is not exactly a Quarter Horse news magazines, but as it covers the subject of western competitions and as Quarter Horses are the symbol of the western horse, we took the decision to feature it in our list of publications. This monthly publication appeared for the first time in January 1936 and has never stopped releasing more and more interesting content.

The magazine features articles on horse breeding, grooming, how to take care of your horses, Western riding, and the least but the last, ranching. Unequivocally, the category leader in equine publishing, this magazine is world-wide known as The World’s Leading Horse Magazine Since 1936 or as America’s Favorite Horse Magazine Since 1936.

For more news on Quarter Horses or on the All American Quarter Horses events, you can subscribe to the TodaysEquine newsletter. We will make sure that you’ll be as up to date as possible to everything that happens in the world of American Quarter Horse.

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