Image by PixabayIf you’re seeking to find the best gifts for horse lovers, you and I are in the same boat. I have a few dear friends who are passionate about horses, so it’s usually safe to follow that theme. Since live animals, saddles, riding boots, and the like are outrageously expensive, not everyone can afford them.Before choosing the right gifts for those of your friends who are horse … [Read more…]

Whether you’re a rider, breeder, or just an admirer from afar, horses have a rich and interesting history alongside humankind. Before the motorized engine, horses were our main source of power — the bigger and stronger the better. However, many people don’t know the true answer to, “What is the largest horse breed?” Quick Navigation What Is the Largest Horse Breed?The History of the Shire … [Read more…]

Having a horse means lots of responsibility, and one of those is keeping your horse well groomed. If you’re getting started in building the best horse grooming kit, you’ll notice that the choices can be overwhelming.Today, there are many types, styles, and designs of grooming tools for your horse. From different sizes and shapes to colors and brush density, it can be hard to know what you need. … [Read more…]

Beautiful braiding is a common sight in the equestrian scene. Have you ever watched a professional event and wondered how the riders got those perfect horse braids? Well, now you can find out!Your horse is one of your most prized possessions, and you want them looking and feeling their best. That’s especially true when out in the show ring.Some horse braids are more popular than others, and some … [Read more…]

image source: PexelsRiding a horse is a liberating and enjoyable experience, but not without the best riding boots. I say that because I’ve actually tried to ride a horse with just my old sneakers on. Ask any seasoned horseman, and they’ll tell you that the best riding boots are an absolute necessity for horseback adventures.The most significant factor in getting a decent pair of boots for … [Read more…]

If you have a horse, you definitely want to keep him around as long as possible. It’s important to keep your horse healthy, including making sure he follows a healthy diet. You should then understand the answer to the following question: what do horses eat?Comparison TableWhat Do Horses Eat? There are a few things you should know if you’re wondering, what do horses eat? Most of the … [Read more…]

So it finally happened, you got your first horse and want to start all your riding adventures. However, you’re missing something — the saddle! The second most expensive purchase you’ll make is the saddle. While choosing the right saddle can seem like a costly challenge, some brands offer more affordable alternatives. And that’s why you’re looking for a Double T saddle review — to see if they are … [Read more…]

image source: Pe​​xelsHow much does a horse weigh? If that question has ever crossed your mind, you probably own a horse or two, or seven.Horse owners don’t just own a horse. They need to be able to care for their charge, regulate their diets, monitor their health, and provide the best nutrients. Most horse owners possess knowledge equivalent to a veterinarian’s apprentice. And that includes … [Read more…]

image source: PexelsIf you’re finally ready to get a horse, you may want to look into a variety of things before choosing the breed of horse you purchase. One of the things you may wish to consider is the lifespan. The length of life your horse will have can strongly influence your decision because you’ll surely want to keep your horse in the family for a long time.There are also many things you … [Read more…]

Horseback riding is a thrilling sport experience. You can participate in equestrian sports as a hobby or competitively.Like any sport that can go wrong, wearing the right equipment can minimize your pain and save your life. Horses are big, powerful animals.  The fun and excitement of the ride can quickly turn into injury and defeat.When equestrian accidents happen — and they do — what type of … [Read more…]

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