Paint Horses for Sale in Texas

Many Americans believe Texas to be a whole other country. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Surely, if Texas is indeed another country, it’s a country wild, enchanted, and full of that old southern charm. Now, if you’re a real Texan, like me, you may also be quite the horseman. After all, the people of The Lone Star State have a history of riding horses, herding cattle, and also being the best in the country at both those things.

Still another thing that sets Texas apart from its other brothers is its sheer size. Ranking the second largest state in the US, you know it means business. And with its size comes, naturally, a much diversified landscape. And what do beautiful landscapes provide, of course? Surreal, breathtaking settings for long, horseback trails of adventure and friendship. Whether it is just you and your horse, or a few equine-loving buddies more, the land is surely best for these types of treks.

But what if you don’t have a horse? Or what if you have horses, but would like a new one? What if you have a ranch that you want to complete by adding a horse, or more, of one of the most famous American breeds: the American Paint Horse?

Well, thankfully, we’re here to help you. We’ve compiled a small list of the places where you can find the most beautiful horses. However, we’ve only resumed ourselves to paint horses for sale in Texas, specifically. If you would like to look at some advice, along with some info on the online purchasing of horses, we’ve also made a more to-the-point article here.


Where to Find Paint Horses for Sale in Texas

If you are looking for Paint horses for sale online, you really do have a lot of options. To be precise – there are 2593 ads available online, only for the state of Texas. If you think that’s a lot, keep in mind that we only looked at four different websites. There are a whole lot more ads available on smaller sites, but we thought that we’d offer a better perspective of the Paint horse market in Texas.

The four locations we’ve found that are great if you want to purchase Paints in the old southern state are,,, and

On there are 42 different ads, however, despite the low amount of ads, this site is awesome because of one feature: the advanced search option. You can browse the horses on this website either by location (presumably Texas), city, primary and secondary breed, sex, age, height, base color, price, bloodline, discipline, experience, attributes, temperament, and even the exact date when the ad was posted.

On there are 113 separate ads for Paint horses. You can browse these horses and refine your search by adding details such as country (yes, you can even buy horses from other countries), state, county, breed, ad type (you can either lease, buy, or trade a horse), height, color, gender, discipline, age, price range, pedigree, type of seller (private or trade), and ZIP code. You can also browse only ads with photos and/or videos.

On there are a total of 225 ads for Paint horses within the state of Texas. On the advanced search page, you can also browse the selection with refined details such as secondary breed, location (you can even select a mile-range), horse name, horse titles, pedigree, skill or discipline, gait, type of blood, date added, gender, age, color, height, weight, price, temperament, and sale type (auction, adoption, horse, treaty).

Still, as you may have figured out, the greatest number of paint horses for sale in Texas is on Are you ready? 2,213 ads are available on the website, if you would like to buy Paint horses in Texas. However, the biggest minus that this website has, unfortunately, is that the advanced search feature is a bit chunkier than the others above. That’s probably why the number of ads is so high. You can only refine your search by location, breed, color, sex, skills, height, age, and price.


Price Ranges for Paint Horses for Sale in Texas

On the first website,, the prices vary quite a lot. If you’re looking for a cheap horse, you can get one for as low as $250, but remember that these horses are usually rescued horses, which probably do have a lot of problems. If you would like a champion stallion from this website, you could pay as much as $12,000, but for that much money, you will be getting a perfectly trained and gentle Overo Paint Gelding, for example.

If you would prefer to go to, you can find horses as low as $400. However, many of these are for lease or completely untrained. Still, it’s nice that even some of the cheapest steeds on this website have APHA authorization, so you know you’ll be getting a genuine Paint horse. However, for those of you that want more expensive horses – you can even get champions of up to $20,000.

Although, not particularly aesthetically pleasing, the website does have some pretty solid horse offers. For instance, the starting price for Texas Paint horses is $3,000, and absolutely all horses on the website have been APHA approved. If you’re looking for a horse that will blow the competition sky-high, then you can even buy a $30,000 Paint gelding.

Now, choosing the popular option may not be the best solution. Surely, here you will have the hardest time searching, since there are a literal ton of ads. However, you may want to browse on the off-chance that you won’t find what you’re looking for on the aforementioned sites. The lowest price on the website is $200, however, the offer does look a little shady. If you have the money to buy an expensive steed, however, you can get a $17,000 rodeo horse, for instance. Or a $15,000 beautiful chestnut tobiano Paint horse, trained both for show jumps, and for trail runs.

No matter which of these options you will choose, the prices are truly wilder than the wildest stallions. Just remember to follow or advice on looking for Paint horses for sale, available here, before you actually make a purchase.

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