Slow Down To Speed Up | The Proven Way To Move Up In Dressage

If there’s anything that Kim Lacy has learned in her 20+ years in the dressage and sport horse world, it’s that your timing is not your own.  Equestrian sports have this unique aspect to them called the horse and sometimes that unique aspect changes the way you approach the sport.

Your Agenda

One of the biggest hurdles Kim sees in her clients is an agenda.  You may have an agenda in your mind as to how your progress will go, but your horse may think otherwise.  Be willing to go with the flow.  Listen to your horse.  The more in tune you are with your horse, the more you’ll know if you need to slow things down, or ramp things up.  

At some point, you’ll likely experience lameness, thrush, or other injuries that force you to take a break.  Don’t rush the healing process, especially on a younger horse.  Allowing injuries to heal properly will allow you to push yourself and your horse to the next level, but nursing injuries for years and years only leads to major problems down the road.  This practice could likely lead to higher vets bills as well!

Focus On The Basics

Again, you may have an agenda as to how fast you’ll move from the basics on to some of the fun stuff in dressage. However, the basics are more essential than you could ever realize.  Yes, it feels boring practicing positions and transitions over and over.  However, trust Kim when she says that it will pay off!  The more you and your horse are comfortable with these foundational moves, the faster you can go when you get to the upper levels.  The foundations are essential! Don’t be in a hurry to move on from these just for the sake of sticking to your agenda.

Kim Lacy is an accomplished dressage and sport horse trainer and breeder, based in Arlington, Washington.  She works with all breeds, but specializes in large warmbloods and Arabian sport horses.  Kim’s favorite thing about her role is getting to develop a good partnership with each horse and truly being a team with that animal.  “If I can get a horse to be a team, he’ll do anything he physically can for me.”  The key is to gain trust and confidence with your horse!

Kim shows up and down the West Coast with her own horses, and any of her 20+ clients.  She has been training for 20 years and riding horses since she was 12 years old!  She loves traveling, seeing the different venues, and meeting new people.  She also does training alongside other trainers and participates in clinics as much as she can.  You can never know enough in the world of dressage!

Kim’s Gear Tip:

Kim’s favorite saddles are Hastilow Saddles because they’re easy to change fittings to grow as your horse develops!

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