State Line Tack: Buying Guide and Reviews

When you own and ride horses as a part of your everyday lifestyle, then you know what it takes to keep your animal happy and healthy. Fly masks, blankets, quality tack, and accessories are all essential for both you and your horse, whether you are competing in the show ring or out for a leisurely trail ride on a Sunday morning. Finding equestrian products that suit your individual lifestyle and budget can be a challenge. However, if you are considering buying from State Line Tack, our detailed buying guide below might help you decide if this company’s products, prices, and policies meet your needs, as well as those of your treasured equine.

State Line Tack is an online company that has its roots in New Hampshire, where it first began as a local track and equine store. At the height of its popularity, it was the largest tack store in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area and operated out of a two-story converted barn. The original store opened at the start of the 1980s, but the physical location that had been popular with equestrian enthusiasts closed in 2007. After the local closure, the company’s inventory moved to the online store. The brand has been operating solely from the web since then. It also owns a variety of other pet supply sites, which can be convenient if you own both dogs and horses.

The State Line Tack website sells a wide variety of products for horses and their riders, including English and Western-style tack, riding apparel, horse blankets, storage solutions, barn supplies, and horse treats and toys. There are over two dozen different brands to chose from and the site serves both experienced and novice riders. You can order directly from the website or order by phone.

What Makes State Line Tack Unique?

While there are other companies that sell equestrian supplies, the State Line Tack website has several unique features that may interest you as a horse owner. One of its most useful highlights is the Heart to Horsebox, which is a monthly subscription service that sends a variety of horse treats, grooming supplies and other stable supplies directly to your home or barn. This allows you to sample different brands or products that you might want to continue using, and 25 percent of the proceeds of each box goes to equine shelters and horse therapy programs that help special-needs humans and horses alike.

English and Western Styles

This online company may suit your needs if you ride both English and Western styles because it sells a variety of saddles, bridles and other types of tack for each riding discipline, while other sites specialize in either one or the other. It also offers personalized stable and stalls signs, which can help barn employees and groomers identify your horse and its special needs, such as feeding requirements, turn-out schedule, and other important information.

If you are a novice or a newcomer to the world of horses, the site also offers informational articles on a variety of topics that may help you learn about your animal and tips for taking care of it. There are over one dozen article topics available in the online library, including how to handle pest problems in the barn, how to load and unload your horse off a trailer and information about horse health. All articles include a link to some of the site’s related products. While the articles do not reveal an author, they do offer quite a bit of interesting and useful information and are worth browsing if you have the time.


State Line Tack offers a price match guarantee on all its items, with the exception of worming kits, supplements, and other pharmacy supplies. The items must also be at a regular price (not a sale price) if they are featured on other sites. If you want to take advantage of the Heart to Horse subscription boxes, they are $34.99 a month and feature free shipping. The site also offers a clearance section that contains many different products at reduced prices.

The company offers a variety of payment options, which might make ordering simpler. They accept most major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay. Since a few of these payment sites have a one-click ordering, it might benefit you when you need to order an accessory at the last minute or if you are on the road with your smartphone.


When compared to its competitors, State Line Tack’s prices are comparable or slightly lower. Some items feature free shipping or an e-certificate to apply to a future purchase. Overall, you may save a bit of money shopping with this brand than with other online tack shops that offer many of the same products and brands. You may also find some good deals in the clearance section that can be worth browsing for discounted or discontinued items.

What Do Other Reviews Say?  

Public testimonials about State Line Tack are quite diverse. Many reviews note that it is simple to navigate the website and that the color selection of the accessories and riding apparel is wide enough to suit almost any type of rider. Others appreciate the company’s dedication to helping special-needs horses and the non-profit groups it supports. The site also receives high marks for its clarity regarding pricing, shipping, and checkout policies.

Negative Reviews

However, not all customers are pleased with their experiences with State Line Tack. Most complaints and negative reviews stem from the company’s return policy and customer service, which seem to have some issues with communications. Some guests have received the wrong items and experienced many problems with returning them and getting a refund. More than a few reviews complained about rude customer service reps on the company’s phone line and that many seemed impatient or had an angry tone. These customers asserted that they would never order from the company again because of the treatment they received. The majority of refund complaints had not gotten resolved before some customers simply gave up on getting their money back. Others had to file a refund claim with their credit card company or with PayPal in order to receive a refund, and some of these cases remain open.

Return Policy

Some customers complained about the expense of returns to the online store, with some paying as much as 10 percent to return apparel items. Others were unhappy that the return fee disclosure statement is not clear and does not list all of the products that are subject to a return fee.

Customer Service

Another issue that many past customers have complained about is the inability to contact anyone. This is regarding their ordering or return issues. For example, some orders experienced delays for months without explanation. And when customer service reps promise a return call, it is rarely, if ever, received. Emails to customer service have also gone unanswered. So it is wise to review your order thoroughly before completing your purchase. This lack of communication does not seem to align with the company’s commitment to customer service testimonial on the website. And it is unclear where the problem is originating. Horse owners who have been doing business with the company since its physical location opened lament that customer service was vastly superior at the New Hampshire store. As compared to what they receive now.

How Does State Line Tack Compare to Other Similar Companies?  

While State Line Tack is not the only company online that offers a full line of horseback riding tack, apparel, and accessories. It does differ in its desire to give back to the equestrian community. It also provides links to its other companies within its brand. Including those that offer supplies for dogs, fish, and ferrets. If you prefer to shop by catalog and then order by phone, you can order one directly on the website at no cost. This may be helpful if you have limited internet access. Or, simply want to take your time browsing the products offline. Many sites that are comparable to State Line Tack sell many of the same brands of helmets. Also bridles, saddles, English riding clothes, blankets, and boots. Barn accessories and horse care items are also available on other sites. But you may want to compare a few before you make a purchase. As some may be cheaper or on clearance on one site or another.

Online Tack Stores

There are other tack stores online that sell both used and new equipment, such as saddles, bridles, and helmets. The used equipment is usually sold at a lower cost and is typically still in good condition. This can be convenient if you recently adopted a horse and cannot buy equipment at full price. However, State Line Tack sells only new products and does not have a used tack section on its website. If you are looking for secondhand gear, however, there is a forum link available on the site. This is where people discuss their horses and other related topics. You may be able to find gently used gear on one of the threads. And ask other horse owners their advice about an array of issues.

What Do We Think?

While we appreciate State Line Tack’s wide variety of products, its ease of ordering and the array of information the website offers. We would recommend proceeding with caution when making a purchase. Because so many customers have had issues with returns and refunds, we suggest that you ensure the size. Also, the color and type of item you buy is the right one. The quality of the products is generally high. And if you want to support horses in need, then this is the company for you. We also like the horse forum on the site. Which allows riders to reach out and chat with other people who share a passion for horses. Most other tack and equestrian supply sites do not have this feature. So you might want to register for the forum if you are looking for other people who ride and own horses.

State Line Tack

While State Line Tack does offer products for novice horse owners, you may want to start off buying products locally. So you can discuss your horse’s needs face-to-face with an equine professional. The company’s online informational articles offer a few tips for beginning riders. But having the guidance of a local instructor or horse owner can help get you on the path to understanding all the issues involved in horse care. This can be especially important when it comes to the care of your horse’s hooves and with wound care.

Coupons and Deals

Because owning a horse can put quite a dent in your wallet, you may be looking for State Line Tack coupons and special offers that will save you money. The company website itself has summer sales going on currently. As well as a 25 percent discount on orders that qualify when you check out. However, if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you may want to note that there is an additional shipping fee of $29.95. This is for orders headed to either of these states.

You may also be able to find daily deals for State Line Tack items on major coupon code sites. Some include 20 percent off your first order, free shipping for some items and 20-30 percent off barn supplies. You may have to register with the coupon sites to get these deals. But receiving daily or weekly emails may result in getting more savings in the future. While these coupons may help you save money when it comes to caring for your horse in an affordable way, it is wise to review each site’s privacy policy. This is to ensure your information is not sold to other companies.

A Final Word

We understand that the health and happiness of your equine friend is a top priority for you. And hope that the information presented here has been helpful to your shopping needs. Whether you ride English or Western style. And also, whether you an experienced horseback rider or a novice looking for the best deals on tack and riding gear. While your decision to shop at State Line Tack will probably depend on your budget. Also on individual preference and your riding discipline. If you choose to do so, remember to take the time to look over its policies. And then carefully study them before making a purchase for the best possible results.

Featured Image State line tack site used with permission from State Line Tack

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