The Best Horse Training Videos on YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to train your horse, you’ll know that it’s far from being a walk in the park. Horses are not like dogs. Far from it. The horse is an incredibly beautiful animal, but with its beauty comes also its great size. Therefore, horses can become extremely dangerous, especially if they are placed around children.

So, where do you go to if you want to train your horse? A professional trainer is pretty expensive, and not everybody has all the money available right away. The only solution is to try to train your equine friend yourself. Yet, how can one do this?

Of course, there are countless training advices online, and many of the methods there do work. Yet, without a video demonstration of how exactly to go about these methods, sometimes they turn out to do the exact opposite. As a horse trainer, you have to establish an extremely personal relationship with your horse.

If the relationship you make with your horse starts out as faulty, it may be goodbye to a content horse and hello to a temperamental and feisty steed that may easily injure you and your family. The biggest problem for the otherwise gentle horsey is its size. Oftentimes, as many trainers have asserted, horses have no idea that their massiveness can cause harm to those around them. And they really cannot be blamed, as horses are used to travelling in herds made up of their own kin.

When training a horse, the human becomes the head of this herd. The horse needs to listen to the head of the herd, but also needs to build a productive relationship, if he wants to remain in this pseudo-herd.

To help you get a hold of your horse, we’ve selected a few YouTube channels that publish videos on how to train your horse. Although many of these horse training videos do not offer detailed information on your specific type of horse, they are extremely helpful when you are in the initial stages of the training.

It’s hard to get the money you need to secure a proper training for your horse. Why not try YouTube instead?

The horse training videos below offer invaluable insight into how the horse’s mind functions, and how you need to take this into account when you begin his training.

1. Downunder Horsemanship

Ironically, the first choice we are presenting you with comes not from the Wild West of the US – where you’d expect to see the best horse trainers – but from down under. Precisely, the land Down Under, also known as Australia. These clips are some of the best horse training videos YouTube has to offer! And the best part about them is that they come all in a single, neatly packed channel.

For their videos, Downunder Horsemanship have employed an actual star of the horse training community. Clinton Anderson horse training videos are famed for the exhaustive methods that the trainer uses, as well as for his attention to every detail of the horses’ behavior.

The Downunder Horsemanship YouTube channel only has about 19 thousand subscribers. However, the videos there are absolutely the best quality you can find for YouTube horse training videos. This comes from the fact that these clips are professionally made and you can see that in the editing.

Clinton Anderson’s method involves, first and foremost, respect. In fact, the first video that you can see on the DUHorseman YouTube channel is about gaining respect from the equines. Anderson argues, in a thick Australian accent that shows he means business, that gaining respect is the only way towards gaining control of the horse.

If you want to train your own horse, you should immediately start practicing what Anderson preaches. Having trained in horsemanship with Ian Francis, one of the greatest horse trainers to have existed in Australia, Anderson knows exactly what he’s saying when giving advice. The best thing about his horse training videos is that they present real, untamed horses, some of which even get quite wild.

If you like Anderson’s videos, there are offers on the YouTube channel for all the complete videos in the collection for about $950.

2. Missy Wryn Horse Training Videos

Although her channel is relatively low on subscribers – with only 6,000 people choosing to watch every video – this seasoned trainer has over 1 million YouTube hits. Her videos are advertised as a softer side of horse training, and can be a great options for those of you who wish to develop a more personal relationship with your equine partners.

Clinton Anderson’s methods are very tame, and he treats the animal with the same respect that he wishes to be given (something you should always try to do in all situations where you are dealing with animals, not only horses. However, there are critics who say that Anderson’s methods are a bit harsh and inhumane.

If that may be the case with Anderson, this is clearly not so with Missy Wryn. Missy Wryn’s YouTube horse training videos display some of the gentlest methods of training your horse possible. Missy’s one of the strongest voices against the usage of the bit, and dismisses it wholly as being an utterly inhumane way to treat a horse.

Missy Wryn also does not usually use spurs and other devices for controlling the horse. Wryn advertises herself as a gentle horse trainer and her videos as the humane training horses videos. And quite rightly so.

Some commenters on her videos have also criticized her for her methods, saying that her way of gently hitting the horse is still partly inhumane. This has spawned a bit of controversy on her channel, as some have taken her side or have positioned themselves against her. If you would like to check for yourself, take a look at the video below.

Whichever of the two channels you may prefer, the fact of the matter is both training techniques work and are a good start in your way to becoming a professional horseman.

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Missy Wryn Webpage: here

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