The Internet’s Best Funny Horse Videos

The internet is full of funny videos – from cats, the ultimate rulers of funny-video-land, doing crazy stuff, to dogs eating lemons, or to squirrels stuffing their cheeks with acorns. It seems like there is no end to animal funny business on the internet in general, and on YouTube in particular.

However, if you go on the internet searching for funny horse videos, you may have a hard time actually finding adequately funny ones. The biggest problem we encountered when we ourselves went searching was that people don’t seem to understand what is funny and what is dangerous.

The general lack of equine knowledge has led to funny horse videos including clips where the horses are clearly not having fun. In many cases, these funny horse videos compilations actually show frightened and abused horses reacting in a very normal manner according to the situation. This is why we have chosen to exclude many of the videos which are otherwise extremely popular.

Zip the Paint Foal Doesn’t Like Water

For the first video in this small series, we’ve chosen a HMV, or home made video, showing a small foal getting splashed by its owner on the back with water. Needless to say, the little horsey isn’t too happy, and starts jumping around to try to get that water off.

At one point it even starts leaning against his mother to try to wipe itself on her belly. But have no fear, in the end, the owner comes and cleans its back of water.

After the little horsy is cleaned of water, it begins chewing at a bag of food grains, in an effort to open it. When it doesn’t succeed, it starts to become frustrated and kicks at the bag. This is very funny as well!

If you like this video, be sure to check out downundercolour’s channel, where the family that owns Zip frequently post videos of their little foal, and of the other horses that happen to live around the barn. These equestrians have about 3 thousand people who regularly watch every video.

Baby Horse & Dog Play Tag

This list couldn’t be complete without a dog, could it now? This small, 50 second video has gotten up to 2.8 million hits on YouTube in the five years that it’s been available. But I don’t think you need an explanation of the video, it’s funny as it is!

Still, the silly-goofy country music in the background gives the best combination with the clip. The dog just can’t get enough of teasing the baby horse. Taking advantage of its superior agility, the dog outsmarts the horse in just about every way possible, much like a toreador and his bull.

The heavy movement of the horse, together with its inability to turn quickly enough make this video extremely hilarious. Sure, under normal circumstances, the horse is faster than the dog, but this isn’t at all a test of its speed. Have a look for yourself:

Now, if that isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is! IF you want more, you can watch another video of a horsy playing with a dog here. Or you can search for more by yourself, as there are a lot of canine-equine friendships on the internet.

Cat Rides a Horse

Don’t you sometimes just feel that you’re trying to have a quiet nap, and hten the whole world starts moving around you? Well, that’s probably what this little black cat felt when the horse she was sitting on decided to move a little.

This small 3 minute home-made video is one of the cutest funny horse videos we have found on the internet. While at first the cat seems content to staying on the horse, and prances about its back, when the horse starts being a bit more lively, the cat retreats to the lower end of the horse and plants herself on the clothing piece covering it.

What’s more, the cat is also being watched by one of the horse’s other equine friends. Have a look for yourself:

If you’ve liked that video, you’re sure to love this one here. Or this one here.

Horse Cools Off in a Sprinkler

But we haven’t come here to talk about cats and dogs. Still, it does seem that whatever you do on the internet, you end up watching one or two of their videos.

This hot horse seems to have found the secret to cooling himself off. You may remember that we’ve shown you another video from the Kyoot Animals channel back on our list of horse videos for kids. Now, here’s another of their videos, this time much more hilarious than the first one.

Feeling too heated, this not-so-little horse decides to take a particularly unusual bath. As some have commented on the video, the horse probably did not have time to shed his winter coat before the heatwave came. So, what other option remains? Well, letting that heavenly sprinkle splash its water all over you.

Funny Horse Videos Compilation

Here it is, the uncrowned king of the funny horse videos. With 14 million views on YouTube, this video by channel mihaifrancu has it all. While we appreciate the effort it took to compile the video, we must mention that the video here are all collected HMVs, so the channel does not take responsibility for them.

Still they have just about anything you could think funny about a horse. The video starts with a silly and playful mare having a great amount of fun with a blue fitness ball. Then the video goes to a man who helps his horse play a pennywhistle version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Needless to say, the horse aces the song like a pro.

Then, the video switches to a family filming a passing car that has a horse in the backseat. Hey, social roles have changed, haven’t they? It does appear that the horses are beginning to outsmart us! The next clip shows a black beauty horse opening locks. As one commentator aptly puts it: “guys, I will rescue us all!”

The next clip, if you can believe it, is even funnier. It shows a dog and a horse (again) running after a green laser dot. Needless to say, both the horse and the dog are extremely confused. The most interesting part of this section is that one other horse really doesn’t seem to bother.

Horses trying to get more comfortable have always been funny. Have you ever seen a horse trying to clean its own mouth? Or trying to scratch his belly against a wheelbarrow? Well, now’s your chance! Have you ever seen a horse snore? Or one being led to its barn by a dog (again)?

Check the video below it you want to see any of these things! And with this, our list concludes. We hope you have enjoyed all our funny horse videos, and be sure to share them with your kids and family. They will surely have a great laugh.

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