Top 10 Suppliers for Horse Grooming Equipment

With so many options out there, it can become difficult to wade through the various outlets through which one can purchase supplies for their horse grooming needs. To help you navigate the plethora of resources available to you, I’m compiling a list of the top 10 suppliers for horse grooming and other horse supplies. It will give you the pros and cons for these suppliers, like shipping, price ranges, ease of purchasing and variety of supplies to name a few.


10. Tractor Supply

Coming in at #10 is Tractor Supply. It’s a great store if you only need standard supplies, they offer some basic grooming supplies as far as brushes, etc., but they have a good variety of lotions, creams, and sprays to assist with horse grooming. Because they offer more than just horse supplies, there are more stores readily available if you need something quick, as well as online shopping with in-store pick-up. This makes Tractor Supply a good option, especially when you need basic supplies in a hurry but their lack of variety and tendency to have more western style equipment available puts this supplier at #10.

9. Dover Saddlery

Dover Saddlery is a classic supplier that comes to mind when we think of horse grooming tools. They have a good variety and a reputable name so you know you will get quality products. But their variety isn’t as vast as many of the others on this list and their prices tend to be higher than many of the other suppliers. So great quality but not great variety lands it at #9.

8. Stateline Tack

Another classic supplier that comes to mind for me is Stateline Tack. This store has a lot of items I need/ use on a daily basis. They have a decent variety of supplies and are good quality items. But as with Dover when you pay for the name and guaranteed quality you tend to have higher pricing. I usually prefer their site if I am in the market for a bridal or some other piece of tack more than if I’m looking for horse grooming supplies. But they also have some cool features on their site that helped them make the list. You can get certain items auto shipped similar to what SmartPak does which is great for items you order on a consistent basis, you can have them automatically shipped which leaves less for you to forget. Which let’s face it, on busy barn days is so easy to do and if you do decide to purchase from them check out their rider rewards program.

7. Riding Warehouse

Riding Warehouse has a good variety of horse grooming supplies as well as other riding needs but the website was a little difficult to navigate, it separates the disciplines as soon as you begin which I did not enjoy as I ride in a variety of disciplines. You have to go back to the very first screen to navigate between them and I found this to be cumbersome which is why it did not receive a higher ranking. As long as you don’t mind this and the little bit higher pricing you can get some amazing quality products from this site.

6. Schneiders

Schneiders comes in at #6, they fall into a sort of middle category as far as price. They are pretty reasonable on a lot of their items but still not as good as the prices you would get from our higher ranked suppliers. They have a good variety of horse grooming tools as well as fulfilling a lot of other horsey needs. They also offer some great incentives for purchasing with them which helped them make the list. You can receive 4% back on purchases with the frequent buyer program as well as their 100% satisfaction guarantee which makes returns a bit easier, it’s not one of the best return policies I’ve seen but their process is easier than other sites I’ve had to deal with.

5. landed right in the middle for me, this website has lots to offer, but I just didn’t see the kind of variety I could get from some of the top suppliers and the website was a little crammed which made navigating difficult. They offer a really cool product though which gave them major points in my eyes, the Heart to Horse Box, which is very similar to those boxes you see on tv for your dogs or cats except for horses! They ship to you monthly or you can just get one when you feel like it and its filled with mystery items based off your discipline. They also donate 25% of the net proceeds to local community rescues, which I love. You can’t beat getting cool new items for your horse as well as giving back to horses in need.

4. SmartPak

Probably one of my favorite sites to shop from because of their supplement options is SmartPak and it gets it’s ranking at #4. You can get some great supplements for your horse to help with their coat, feet, joints, stomach, just about any support you can think of they have. Everything is shipped every month automatically and portioned out for daily servings. Plus, when you get into the supplement shipping program your also eligible for free shipping on most other items on the site as well as access to lots of deals. It’s a great service but like a lot of the name brand sites their prices can be a bit expensive and their variety on grooming supplies aren’t as large as the top three sites which is why I’m ranking it at #4. Still an excellent resource, especially if you board your horse it makes feeding daily supplements easier for your barn and you know your horse is getting the perfect portion every time.

3. Horse Loverz

Horse Loverz weighs in at #3 because of its variety available and great prices. It doesn’t offer quiet the same range of products as the top 2 suppliers and the website can be a little confusing to navigate at first. But once you get the hang of it, this supplier has a lot to offer. They also have some great deals that can save you money.

2. Chick’s Discount Saddlery

If you’re looking for a large variety of supplies for your horse at a great price Chick’s Discount Saddlery is an excellent option. It ranks in at #2 because of the large amount of horse grooming supplies available as well as its excellent pricing. It has supplies for all disciplines and the site is pretty easy to navigate. This is a great site and I would say its only con is you might not always get top of the line quality products like you would with a well-known company but still great items and amazing prices, which can be hard to come by as most of us know owning a horse isn’t a cheap endeavor.


The #1 supplier may surprise you if you have always been a horse person. But with the new technology age, there are better ways to buy and save, and Amazon gives you just that. Better prices, a vast variety of products, and excellent shipping deals, especially if you have amazon prime. Shop the huge array of products, then once you have found your product you can shop different sellers to find the best deal for price and shipping. If you are like many households that have amazon prime, you will have access to free 2-day shipping on so many items, so if you’re already buying lots of other goods why not your horse products as well. It’s hard to beat the variety available here as well as the prices which is what makes Amazon, though unique for the horse lover, one of your best options for buying supplies.

Summing Up

I hope our list of the top ten horse grooming suppliers will help you while shopping for your horse grooming needs. These aren’t the only suppliers out there, these are just a few of my favorites. But there are some great options here, and between all these sites you’ll get an excellent variety of products to shop from as well as access to some fantastic deals. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so try them all and see what your favorite is.


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