What You Need to Know About Used Horse Trailers for Sale

If you’re a new equestrian fan, if you’re experimented and looking for changing your horse trailer or if you simply care to research information about used horse trailers for sale, we gathered a few tips as advice before your investment. Make sure to check these out too. Be it a living quarter, a gooseneck or a pull bumper, the tricks to check the trailer are pretty much the same, and apply to all brands like Bison, Cimarron, Elite, 4 Star, Kingston, Featherlite, Platinum, Bloomer, Sundowner. Horses need the same amount of comfort regardless of your budget, so make sure you make an inspired, reality connected choice.

A chic horse trailer

  • The floor of the trailer is essential. It is the main weight-bearing area of the trailer. You need to check for the corners and lift the mats to see the condition of the aluminium trailers’ floors. Proper maintenance means you won’t discover chalky white floors and nor will you find holes in it.
  • Continue by checking for cracks in paint. These might not necessarily indicate a high level of usage, which sometimes might not even be the case, but also a poor maintenance – the reason why this can happen is that during hot and cold months, the paint or aluminium siding can crack because of expansion and contraction.
  • If you want to tell how much the trailer has been used, check for loose rivets on the insides and outsides.
  • Check the tires and evaluate if the ones on a side are worn more than those on the other side, because that might point out a bent axle. You also need to look into the bearings, brakes and hubs. You can also ask the dealer for an inspection report.
  • When evaluating the exterior, look at the fasteners and signals, at the door and window hinges. Piano hinges will rest flush against the trailer if they’re new and locks should be tight. All lights should function properly, both on the inside and the outside.
  • There should be no rust on the fastener. Check the hitch and make sure it doesn’t show any cracks or loose welds.

A Few Places to Look for Used Trailers in Selected States

Alabama: http://www.equinenow.com/trailers/alabama.htm

Arkansas: http://trailerstore.net/horse-trailers/

California: http://www.equinenow.com/trailers/california.htm

Colorado: http://www.murdocktrailers.com/

Florida: http://www.gatorhorsetrailers.com/

Illinois: http://www.midwaytrailersales.com/

Indiana: http://www.maintrailersales.com/

Iowa: http://www.horsetrailerworld.com/home/newhome.asp

Louisiana: http://www.cowboytrailers.com/

Michigan: http://www.equinenow.com/trailers/michigan.htm

Missouri: http://mousertrailers.com/horse-trailers/

Montana: http://montanahorsetrailers.net/

North Carolina (NC): http://www.shadowofcarolina.com/

Ohio: http://www.lakotaofohio.com/

Oklahoma: http://www.horsetrailerworld.com/home/manu.asp

Oregon: http://www.double-j.com/

Texas: http://www.longhorntrailersales.com/

Utah: http://www.doublebtrailers.com/

Washington: http://www.double-j.com/

Wisconsin: http://www.lazyl.com/

  • If you’re looking for a horse trailer around Houston, TX, you can check Big Tex. They’re located on 8404 N. Freeway, Houston between 8am and 5:30pm on working days and 8am and 3pm on Saturdays.
  • A few ideas if you’re located in Ohio: Coughlin Auto, Leonard Trailers, Altmeyer’s Trailers. Some of these dealers have either second hand trailers for sale or some tips on how to find some used trailers among their acquaintances.
  • Buyers from states like GA, KY, MN, PA, SC, TN, VA usually refer to the sources we presented above for better shopping options and experiences or opt for online acquisitions.


The charms of horse back riding.

You might instinctively feel like being more precautions when buying a used trailer, so check these tips for how to be safe with your new vehicle while transporting your equine friend. This is good information for new trailers as well.

  • Replace the tires – and leave this to professionals. You need to replace your tow-vehicle and trailer tires regardless of mileage, every approximately four years. Check that the tires support more than the weight of the trailer and its contents.
  • Check the pressure of your tires every month. If you’re an intense user, make sure you have access or even buy an air pressure gauge for yourself. Learn how to use it and bon voyage!
  • Use reflective material on the back of your trailer, which will diminish your risks in case you experience a trailer lighting failure for electrical reasons.
  • Keep your trailer well maintained at all times, from wiring inspection for loose, uninsulated or exposed wires, to poor connections and have your trailer axles checked and serviced every 6,000 miles and annually.
  • Make sure you use a hitch that’s compatible in type, size and rating to the coupler. Improper hitching is likely to cause accidents, like improper installation onto the towing device.
  • Use protective gear for the safety of your horse. Always apply a head bumper and shipping boots.

It’s a good idea to always balance your load if you care for top safety while you’re driving. That means it’s better to have two horses of about the same size in a double trailer riding at once.

Before buying a trailer from an owner, if you didn’t find any used trailers for sale at dealers to suit your preferences, you can ask for personal advice on how to use the horse trailer from the source. You might want to know how often the trailer was used, for how many miles, by how many drivers. Keep in mind that an apparently cheap bargain might hide some expenses which could overwhelm you in the future sooner than you think!

So, remember, before hitting the trails with your horse or horses and in good company, you’ve got two responsibilities now: you and your family’s safety if you travel together, and you horse’s comfort! The technical involvement which you will need to dedicate is pretty pretentious but could be handled by a specialist, case in which you have to put some money aside every month just to make sure your trailer and vehicle are taken care of.

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